Bourita Calls Guinea Exceptional Friend of Morocco Thanks Country for Support

Rabat – Nasser Bourita, Moroccan foreign affairs minister, has called Guinea a “true and exceptional” friend of Morocco’s, hailing the “unique” and “historical” relations between Rabat and the West African country.Bourita made the comments in the company of Mamadi Toure, Guinea’s foreign affairs minister, who is currently on a working visit to Rabat. Speaking at a joint press conference yesterday, July 23, the Moroccan minister welcomed Guinea’s “constant and clear” support for Morocco’s stance on the Western Sahara territorial dispute. Under the leadership of its president Alpha Conde, who was elected as the chairman of the African Union (AU) as Morocco joined the organization two years ago, the West African country has been one of the loudest continental supporters of Morocco’s return to African club. Guinea has also been one of the African countries to have backed up Rabat’s Autonomy Plan for Western Sahara. Bourita said that Guinea’s support for a host of Morocco-friendly agendas is the culmination of historical bonds which are illustrated in the closeness between successive Guinean governments and the Moroccan monarchy. Recently, however, Bourita stressed, the friendship between the two countries has been particularly helped by King Mohammed’s Africa-centered diplomacy and his commitment to Morocco’s historical allies.“Our relations considerably progressed recently, notably after the King’s two visits [to Conakry], during which we signed agreements to realize concrete projects.” According to Bourita, the host of development projects Morocco is accompanying and supervising in the West African country, as well as the solid friendship between King Mohammed VI and President Conde, have refreshed what was already a strong, “special” bilateral relationship.“Since the King’s visits, our bilateral cooperation has become stronger and multi-dimensional. It includes academic and vocational training, city planning projects in the city of Conakry, and the training of imams,” he said. All these, he elaborated, are “dimensions that reflect the wealth of the historical and unique friendship between Guinea and Morocco.”Bourita’s insistence on the academic and vocational training spoke simultaneously of Morocco’s desire to project itself as a continental hub for academic matters, as well as Guinea’s reliance on its North African partner for training its elite.Read also : Morocco’s Bourita to Lead Delegation to 2nd Western Sahara RoundtableAs one of the primary beneficiaries of the scheme of scholarships and study grants Morocco offers on a yearly basis to a number of African countries, Guinea’s support for Morocco has increased in recent years. Guinean students who spoke to Morocco World News late last year were full of praise for the North African country. “Morocco has one of the best education systems in the world,” one said, as he spoke with enthusiasm about his academic experience in Morocco.But the most striking illustration of Morocco’s appeal among Guinea’s Morocco-trained youth and elite was most visible when Guinea failed to vote for Morocco’s 2026 World Cup bid. Guineans took to social media to lambast what many of them labeled a “shameful betrayal” of a historical ally. Most cited Morocco’s support for the country when it faced the Ebola in 2014-2015.In response to Bourita’s call on Guinea to continue coordinating with Morocco on “all continental and regional issues,” Toure reaffirmed his country’s commitment to upholding the “exceptional friendship” binding it to Morocco. Like Bourita, the Guinean minister lingered over the two nation’s “historical closeness,” expressing gratitude for Morocco’s support in a string of ongoing development projects in guinea. read more

Carbon County Jail Bookings July 29 – August 4


Lakers Ramon Sessions To Become A Free Agent

Ramon Sessions, acquired to add speed to the Los Angeles Lakers’ backcourt, hardly did that, and now he is forcing the Lakers to commit to him as their point guard of the future.Sessions chose against exercising the final year of his contract to stay with the Lakers next season and will explore the free-agency market, his agent said Tuesday.“Ramon has carefully considered this decision,” said Sessions’ agent, Jared Karnes, in a statement. “He had to make a career decision and ultimately decided to do what was best in providing stability and longevity for him in the NBA, and this could only be achieved through a multi-year contract.”Sessions, 26, was acquired by the Lakers at the trade deadline from Cleveland to replace 37-year-old Derek Fisher, who was moved to Houston.The 6-foot-3, 190-pound point Sessions averaged 12.7 points, 6.2 assists and 3.8 rebounds on 47.9 percent shooting from the field and 48.6 percent shooting on 3-pointers in 23 regular season games with the Lakers. Sessions’ numbers plummeted in the playoffs, however, as he averaged just 6.8 points and 3.0 assists while shooting 35.3 percent in the Western Conference semifinals against Oklahoma City.It was his first trip to the postseason in his five-year career after starting off with cellar-dwelling teams in Milwaukee, Minnesota and Cleveland.Sessions would have made $4.55 million next season had he opted in to the final year remaining on his contract. Free agency begins on July 1st. Steve Blake, who has two years remaining on his deal, paying him $4 million annually, is the only Lakers point guard under contract. read more

LeBron Is Still Getting Better

LeBron James might remain the best player in the NBA. He might remain the most valuable. He might even remain a player around whom a team can build a perennial Finals contender. But the question right now is, “Can LeBron remain this good for the rest of the season?” Because this LeBron is very close to as good as we’ve ever seen, in ways we’ve never seen before.Just so everyone’s clear at the top: James is not the sun-eater he was in 2012-13, with the third and greatest of his Miami Heat teams. He may not be quite as incontestable as he was at the end of his first tenure in Cleveland, when he won back-to-back MVPs and dragged meager rosters on long and doomed and occasionally brilliant playoff runs.But James is posting career highs in true shooting percentage (66.4), 3-point percentage (41.6), assist percentage (42.9) and block percentage (2.6). His free throw percentage (77.3) is the second-highest of his career. He’s shooting 80.7 percent within 3 feet of the basket and going to the rim about as often as he ever has. He has created more shots for teammates than anyone but Russell Westbrook, according to data from Second Spectrum, and he’s done it while playing 37 minutes per night — a heavy load for a player in his 15th season (who has also logged more than 200 playoff games).The easy answer to the obvious question — How? — is that his jumper is falling. According to data from Second Spectrum, James is shooting an effective field goal percentage of 58.8 on step-back shots and 63 on pull-up jumpers — his two most common shot types after brute-force drives. Those dwarf his normal rate of makes on those shots over the last three seasons.The large and sensible parts of the brain say this is unsustainable. That it’s fun to watch James play-act past glories while understanding that the underlying foundations have shifted, moved on — that James’s MVP-level start is a mirage of risky habits and clustered luck. The smaller, more rascally regions wonder: What if this is how LeBron goes late-Jordan?James is one of the most amorphous stars I’ve ever watched from season to season. In various offseasons over the past decade, he’s picked up a post game, lost and recovered his 3-point stroke, added sneaky perimeter dribble feints and pivots, and refined the drive-and-kick game to its most basic and brutally effective elements. Who’s to say he hasn’t gone out and added the step-back midrange game that Michael made art and Kobe made genre fiction?I mean, just look at this:I’ve been watching LeBron for a lot of years, and I don’t remember him looking so fluid on those shots, so smooth through the hips and shoulders. That shot has always been available to him, it’s just always looked more calculated than natural — a computer making an arcane chess move more than a master moving in on the hunt. Now, it looks more graceful, a little tighter in the footwork. They aren’t suddenly perfect shots — there’s still the occasional (and occasionally more than occasional) wild launch from 35 feet or with a foot on or just inside the line, but they look better in aggregate. Maybe it’s easier to see it like that because it’s going in; that’s one danger of applying the eye test.But it also makes sense given how well James has shot both from distance and point-blank. There’s simply more room to maneuver in the midrange if defenses must treat him as a 40-percent 3-point shooter and an 80-percent finisher at the rim — while also playing the lanes because he’s passing more than ever. That’s going to remain true for as long as James is canning 3s like this and remains unstoppable at the rim. The jumper can come and go, but it has been relatively steady since it went missing in 2015-16. The drives are more reliable.The Cavs score 125 points per 100 possessions when James drives and finishes himself, passes to a teammate for a shot or is fouled (or he makes a turnover), and 118 points per 100 possessions on scoring chances that come from multiple passes after a James drive, according to Second Spectrum. Both rank first among players with at least 100 drives this season, and both are unlikely to change as long as James remains unstoppable, crashing into defenders and creating space where the defender had previously been standing.One caveat: This isn’t the indomitable James. The onslaught is not exactly unrelenting. The pitch is not fevered. James is finding more success driving to the rim, but he’s also drawing fouls at a career-worst rate — his .294 rate of free throws per field goal attempt is down considerably from his career average .418 — and his turnovers are a hair under his career worst (from last season). These may be clues that James’s underlying skills have tailed off and his results will soon follow. Or they may be evidence that LeBron isn’t actually trying yet.His defensive numbers confirm that he hasn’t returned to his peak. The Cleveland defense has been nearly 11 points better per 100 possessions when he sits, and ESPN’s defensive Real Plus-Minus has him in the negatives, below James Harden and Kyle Lowry. RPM is famously skewed toward defensive-minded big men, but James has historically performed much better in the stat. So, no, James isn’t the clamp-down bear trap he was in his Heat years. But he’s in the top 40 for shots defended (a good sign he’s not getting blown out of plays) and opponents are shooting just a 46.6 effective field goal percentage against him (a very good number). While he’s giving up “good” shots (expected value 52.8 eFG percentage, adjusting for who’s shooting, which is one of the worst figures in the league), he’s depressing value on those shots by 6.2 eFG percentage points, sandwiching him between standout defenders like Kevin Durant and Paul Millsap once he’s actually engaged in the play.We expect more from James because we’ve seen more from him. We’ve seen him slip from the best player in history to merely the best at this moment, and so his deficiencies call out in a way other players’ do not. Maybe he’s playing catch-up defense these days, or not drawing fouls the way he used to, or not willing Jae Crowder into making his wide-damn-open 3s. But 15 seasons into his career, he’s still getting better, and so far this season, the pieces he’s added have more than made up for the ones that have fallen away.Check out our latest NBA predictions. read more

Government crackdown on McMafia organised crime sees Russian billionaires ask Kremlin to

first_imgNone of the entrepreneurs on the list were named or identified by Mr Titov, but he said further applications may come his way.However, he told the Tass news agency that they had all “managed to flee the country [Russia] not to be detained there.””This may continue for decades, and some people live outside for 20 years without a chance to return, as the criminal proceedings continue. There may be no claims against them, even Interpol may take them off the list, but the case in Moscow still continues,” he said.Officials in the UK estimate that around £90billion of illegal funds is laundered through the UK every year.The establishment of UWOs will enable the authorities to freeze and recover property if individuals are unable to explain how they acquired assets in excess of £50,000. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Wealthy Russian oligarchs have written to the Kremlin asking if they can return home without fear of arrest after the Government vowed to use its “full force” to tackle corruption in the UK, it was reported last night.The country’s business ombudsman Boris Titov said a list of ten businessman had been passed to President Vladimir Putin, which contained names of individuals who had allegedly fled the country “not to be detained there”.It comes after security minister Ben Wallace vowed to crackdown on foreign criminals and corrupt politicians who are said to use Britain as a haven to allegedly carry out suspected corruption.Officials will use new unexplained wealth orders (UWOs) – which came into effect last week – to seize suspicious assets until they have been properly accounted for.The move came as London’s role as a playground for Russian gangsters and the super rich has been highlighted by the BBC drama series McMafia.Mr Wallace said ministers wanted to exploit the success of the programme – based on the factual book of the same name by Misha Glenny – to raise public awareness of the issue of corruption.last_img read more

Netflix accused of hypocrisy after it says use of phrase chick flick

Netflix has been contacted for comment. Netflix has been accused of hypocrisy after saying that the phrase “chick flicks” is sexist, but letting people search for the category on its website.The Netflix Film Twitter account chided those who label romantic films as such, and that it should only be used to describe films that involve chickens.The series of tweets read: “Can we stop calling films “chick flicks” unless the films are literally about small baby chickens? Here’s why this phrase should absolutely be retired.”For starters, ‘chick flicks’ are traditionally synonymous with romantic comedies. This suggests that women are the only people interested in 1. Romance 2. Comedy. Which…simply isn’t true.”There aren’t sweeping categories specific to men. You don’t hear people asking to watch “man movies” – instead, pretty much every intersection of genre is on the table and seen as for men, except of course, the aforementioned rom-coms.”And nicknaming films “chick flicks” drives home that there’s something trivial about watching them. But what’s trivial about watching a film that makes you feel 1,000 emotions in ~90 minutes?” The account also said that “there’s nothing inherently gendered about liking a light-hearted film with a strong female lead and emotional arc.”However, a quick search for “Chick Flicks” on Netflix’s website brings up such films as Legally Blonde, Mamma Mia! and What To Expect When You’re Expecting. One follower wrote: ” Hmm. Have you given this hot take to your algorithm?”, tweeting evidence that the site lets users search for “chick flicks”.Another said: “Netflix has a content category titled ‘Chick Flick.'”Writers of work often labeled “chick lit” have said the decision is misguided.Author Rebecca Reid, who said is “proud to have written a book which is chick lit with murder”, said: “Perhaps Netflix think that scrapping the label ‘chick flick’ will change public perception, but honestly there’s a wider problem at play here. Films about the female experience, especially romantic ones, are regarded as less valid or serious than any other, in line with the way that we as a society generally regard anything for or by women. Chick flicks are some of the most popular and high grossing films around, and many of them (like pretty woman or how to lose a guy in ten days) are absolute classics. We should be owning the label, not shying away from it.”Another author, Lucy Vine, who writes books about sex, life and millennial women said she does not mind her work being called “chick lit”.She told The Telegraph: “I actually don’t mind being referred to as chick lit. I’ve always loved all the books that would be put in that category, so I don’t think it’s a negative. It’s all about context really. Obviously, if a bunch of middle-aged men are saying it sneeringly and using it as another way to dismiss female fiction, I don’t love it, but I also don’t really care what they think of what I do.” Quick PSA: Can we stop calling films “chick flicks” unless the films are literally about small baby chickens? Here’s why this phrase should absolutely be retired (thread):— Netflix Film (@NetflixFilm) April 15, 2019 Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

McDonalds WiFi guide pits Mac against PC Mac wins

first_imgThe battle of which is better, Mac or PC, is a long and unending one. Since Apple stopped its infamous Mac vs. PC commercials in 2010 — with Justin Long as a relaxed, laid back Mac and John Hodgman personifying a stuffy, uptight PC — the battle has been adopted by trolls in the comment sections of any article deemed worthy of the argument. Every once in a while, something pops up that gets commenters all riled up and ready to prove their allegiance to Apple or Microsoft.Mac Prices Australia, an Australian site that lists pricing on Apple products, recently tweeted a TwitPic of a McDonald’s WiFi guide that shows the difference between setting-up the restaurant’s WiFi on a PC compared to a Mac — and the difference is pretty obvious. The relatively clean page on the right is what Mac users have to do, the two left hand pages thick with text and diagrams is for Windows. I don’t think anyone in the comments can argue for the PC side in this battle, Mac wins hands down.So why the difference? With the Mac, users simply have to click on the AirPort icon and turn the AirPort on, select McDonald’s Free WiFi from the list of wireless networks, and open their browser to the McDonald’s Free WiFi landing page. There are two small figures to guide the Mac user to free-WiFi goodness.When it comes to Windows, McDonalds just has to cater for more options. Are you running XP or Windows Vista? There’s also multiple settings changes to make purely because of the way Windows networking is setup.As you can see, Mac diehards have good reason to boast about Apple’s simplicity and ease of use. We have yet to see these WiFi cards in McDonalds restaurants in the U.S., but Australia is very thorough in its instructions.via Mac Prices Australialast_img read more

Sony dévoile sa nouvelle gamme de Xperia

first_imgSony dévoile sa nouvelle gamme de XperiaLa famille des smartphones Xperia va accueillir trois nouveaux modèles en septembre prochain.Sony a annoncé le lancement prochain de sa nouvelle gamme d’Xperia. Parmi elle, trois modèles : le Xperia ion, le Xperia Acro S et le Xperia Go.Xperia ion Avec ce smartphone, Sony vise le haut de gamme. Cet appareil mobile sera doté d’un écran Bravia 4.6 pouces multipoints d’une résolution de 1280 x 720 pixels, d’un processeur double cœur cadencé à 1,5 GHz, d’un capteur photo à 12 MégaPixels au déclenchement ultra rapide et de 16 Gb de stockage Flash. Il offrira une caméra 1.080 pixels à l’arrière et caméra frontale de 720 pixels. Grâce à la compatibilité DLNA et une sortie HDMI, le partage de contenus est simplifié. Le Xperia ion permet également l’échange de données par NFC.Avec ce nouveau smartphone, Sony a mis l’accent sur la convergence en pré-installant les applications Video Unlimited et Music Unlimited. Ce produit sera commercialisé en septembre 2012 avec la plateforme Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.Xperia Acro S Après avoir présenté un futur smartphone prenant place dans la gamme Xperia, le Xperia ion qui sera vendu en septembre prochain, c’est un autre modèle qui est dévoilé ce mercredi : le Sony Xperia Acro S. Ce dernier est annoncé comme étant disponible.Le Sony Xperia Acro S sera doté d’un écran de 4,3 pouces Bravia affichant en définition 1 280 x 720 pixels. Il sera propulsé par un processeur Qualcomm MSM8260 double coeur cadencé à 1,5 GHz. ensuite, le Xperia Acro S disposera d’un Go de mémoire vive et de 11 Go d’espace disque. Des caractéristiques techniques intéressantes pour un mobile waterproof !À lire aussiDengue : symptômes, traitement, prévention, où en est-on ?Le Sony Xperia Acro S sera de plus doté d’un appareil photo de 12,1 Mégapixels permettant la prise de vue ultra rapide. A l’arrière de l’appareil, on trouvera un enregistreur vidéo 1 080 pixels ainsi qu’une caméra en façade en 720p, utile pour la visioconférence. Tout comme le futur Xperia ion et d’autres appareils de la gamme, les applications Video Unlimited et Music Unlimited sont pré installées. Enfin, une sortie HDMI a été intégrée sur ce mobile compatible DLNA et NFC. Il sera équipé de l’OS Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Le prix de l’appareil qui a pris place sur le site officiel de Sony reste inconnu. Xperia Go Le Xperia Go est pour sa part un peu plus entrée de gamme. Il dispose d’un écran HVGA 3.5″ avec une résolution de 480 x 320 pixels. Pour les caractéristiques techniques, il dispose d’un processeur dual-core cadencé à 1GHz, d’un APN 5 megapixels, d’une batterie d’une capacité de 1.305 mAh. Il tourne sous Android 2.3 mais une mise a jour vers Android 4.0 est envisagé par Sony. Il sera disponible au troisième trimestre 2012, mais le prix n’a pas encore été dévoilé.Le 30 mai 2012 à 21:00 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Washington House passes school levy bill

first_imgOLYMPIA — The Washington House on Monday passed a bill that delays a deadline for a reduction in the amount of money school districts can collect through local property tax levies.The measure passed the Democratic House on a 62-35 vote, including support from a dozen Republicans. It now heads to the Republican-controlled Senate. School districts had faced a reduction of four percentage points in the proportion of their base funding they could add to their budgets through local levies starting next year, but House Bill 1059 pushes that deadline off until 2019.One of the issues the Legislature is dealing with this year is resolving the reliance on local levies to pay school staff salaries.  Lawmakers are working to comply with a 2012 state Supreme Court ruling that they must fully fund the state’s basic education system. Lawmakers have already put more than $2 billion toward the issue since the ruling, but the biggest piece remaining of the court order is figuring out how much the state must provide for teacher salaries. School districts currently pay a big chunk of those salaries with the local property-tax levies.“As we’re grappling with longer-term proposals on how we’re going to fund basic education, we want to give that near-term certainty to our school districts that they can keep doing the work that they’re doing, they can start budgeting for next year,” said the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Kristine Lytton, D-Anacortes.The court has said that the state has until Sept. 1, 2018, to fully fund education, but that the details of how to do that — as well as how lawmakers will pay for it — must be in place before the Legislature adjourns this year.last_img read more

Landfills To Reopen On Sundays On May 6

first_imgThe Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly voted to close Borough dumps on Sunday from October to May. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Beginning tomorrow, May 6th, the Central Peninsula Landfill and Transfer Facilities and Sites will be open on Sundays. The FY2017 budget put forth a plan to close Borough landfills one day a week for the entire year. The Assembly ultimately compromised and decided it would keep landfills open seven days a week from May to September.center_img All facilities will be open 7 days a week starting on May 6. For more information, call the Kenai Peninsula Borough Solid Waste Department at (907) 262-9667last_img read more

On Kenai cracked KBeach Road reopens

first_imgA 150-foot section of Kalifornsky Beach Road near Kasilof was damaged in the magnitude 7.1 earthquake that struck Southcentral Alaska at 1:30 a.m. Sunday. (Photo by Jenny Neyman, KDLL Kenai)Cook Inlet’s biggest recorded earthquake did little damage to infrastructure across Southcentral Alaska. And biggest damage has now been fixed up.Download AudioKalifornsky Beach Road re-opened to two-way traffic Wednesday morning.A 15-foot section of the northbound lane at Mile 1 near Kasilof was damaged in the magnitude 7.1 earthquake that shook Southcentral Alaska on Sunday morning. The lane was closed until work could be done to fix the cracks that happened when the road split and the shoulder side sloughed away from the rest of the pavement.The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities had a crew out Monday morning, and DOT spokeswoman Shannon McCarthy said the workers were able to make a quick fix.“They got in there, cut the pavement up, brought material in, filled the holes and leveled it out.  Now, it will be gravel, of course, until the summer, because we can’t pave in the wintertime — it would not set. But it is open to two-way traffic.”DOT will continue to monitor the area, especially during spring breakup as the ground starts to thaw.“We certainly will monitor the area. I don’t think it will become a mess but you can always have shifting, even with any road. And that’s why they brought in the compactors and things like that to really shore up and tighten up that area, but they’ll of course keep an eye on it and if any additional material needs to be brought in, they will do that.”The paving project should be quick, as well.“We were fortunate that was a short section so it will probably be a very straightforward project, just putting together a permanent repair,” McCarthy said.DOT is asking drivers to reduce their speed and use caution as they drive over that section of road.last_img read more

Mantraraj Paliwals Miraj Cinema is gaining top spot in multiplexes across India

first_imgMantraraj PaliwalPR HandoutMiraj Group, a leading business group of India, making lot of buzz with its business ventures. Founded in 1987, the company has grown big and giving various fruits from one tree. It all started with a small dream, and people started joining with them and today after 32 years, it is not only one person’s dream, it is a dream of every Miraj employer.Miraj group has more than ten businesses under their tree. But their investment in cinema business is growing faster than other Multiplex around India.”Miraj Cinema” is already giving fierce competition to all the major cinema companies in this business with their high-quality service and screens.Vice chairman of Miraj Group, Mantraraj Paliwal says, “We have already made 107 Multiplex in different states and cities around India, and we are planning to invest more in cinema in coming years, and we will inevitably cross 150 in no time.”His energy has given Miraj Group a new vibe which is helping the group grow more with new business plans and getting success with their current businesses.Recent project of Mantraraj made lot of noise and success with Pulwama attack movie and Shiva trance song.last_img read more

Woman granddaughter found throatsilt

first_imgProthom Alo IllustrationThe throat-slit bodies of a woman and her minor granddaughter were recovered from their house at Paschim Mulghar village in Rajbari’s Sadar upazila on Friday, reports UNB.The deceased were Shahida Begum, 50, wife of Shahjahan Mia of the village and her granddaughter Lamia, 5.Quoting family members, police superintendent of the district Asma Siddiqa Mili said family spotted the bodies of Shahida and Lamia in the morning and informed police.Later, police recovered the bodies.However, the details behind the murder could not be known immediately, said the police official adding that they are investigating the incident.last_img read more

PUC To Houston And Dallas Electricity Customers Start Shopping For Better Rate

first_img X We just reported this week how a consumer group’s latest analysis shows people in Houston and Dallas have, for years, been paying more for electricity than people in Austin and San Antonio.Electricity in Austin and San Antonio is sold by the cities themselves which own their respective utility companies.Houston and Dallas are deregulated markets where people have to choose from dozens of electricity marketing companies offering a myriad of rate plans.Since Texas developed the deregulated market over a decade ago, customers in those areas have collectively paid $24 billion more for electricity, according to the Texas Coalition for Affordable Power.A day after that group released its latest report on the difference in prices, the members of the Public Utility Commission of Texas shot back, saying the de-regulated market is working.“Notwithstanding the so called reports that are put out by certain groups,” said Public Utility commissioner Ken Anderson.  “Anybody who’s paying an average of the high and low prices isn’t shopping.”Anderson said people in the deregulated markets can get good rates if they take the time to pick the right plan.But finding those great deals can be difficult because the commission’s own Power to Choose website can be deceptive allowing some marketers to offer what look like low cost rate plans that aren’t. That’s according to consumers and to PUC chairman Donna Nelson.“I really want you all to be looking at these one and a half cent offers because I think they’re deceptive on the face,” said Nelson to staff members, who are working on an over-haul of the website to make the offers more honest.  Listen To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: 00:00 /01:21 Sharelast_img read more

Baltimore Chapter of The Links Welcome New Officers

first_imgDeparting president, and former Baltimore State’s Attorney, Patricia Jessamy.(Updated 4/24/2016) At their meeting on April 23, the Baltimore Chapter of The Links, Incorporated welcomed their new officers and saluted the leadership of their departing president former Baltimore State’s Attorney, Patricia Jessamy.  Jessamy served four years as president of the organization.One of the many achievements initiated during the Jessamy tenure as president includes the creation of the GRASP (Graduation, Retention and Support Program) Fund. The GRASP Fund aids students at Coppin State University and Morgan State University in emergency financial need, giving priority to seniors who meet all academic and other University requirements so they can graduate. In the 2 years since the fund was created, over $30,000 has been raised. Baltimore Chapter of the Links, Incorporated April 23 meeting, welcoming their new officers.Succeeding Jessamy as the new president of the Baltimore chapter of The Links is Nikita Michelle Haysbert, Vice President of The Forum Caterers, Inc.  Her leadership team includes Jenene Lyn Williams, Esq., as Vice President; Michelle N. Lipkowitz, Esq., as Corresponding Secretary;  Dana Petersen Moore, Esq., as Recording Secretary; Esther A. Leslie Avery as Treasurer; and Darlene Wade Moss as Financial Secretary. About The LinksThe Links, Incorporated is an organization of accomplished, dedicated women who are active in your community. The Links members are newsmakers, role models, mentors, activists and volunteers who work to promote and engage in educational, civic, and intercultural activities in order to enrich the lives of members and the larger community. The organization works from five established key facets which include National Trends and Services, The Arts, Services to Youth, International Trends and Services and Health and Human Services. The five facets are implemented through strategies such as public information and education, economic development, and public policy campaigns.last_img read more