IPL betting scam: Nayan Shah’s handler on the run, massive manhunt underway

first_imgKanpur police is verifying an audio message received by Nayan Shah, the man arrested in connection with the huge betting scam that erupted during the ongoing Indian Premier League.The audio message had come to Shah from his handler Bunty alias Bikash Khandelwal. In the message, Bunty is heard abusing Shah and telling him that it was because of Nayan that he had to endure huge losses.Investigations reveal Shah was in regular touch with Bunty Khandelwal and provided information related to matches and the pitch.In  Kanpur, Shah had managed to rope in one Rakesh Bihari and tasked him to tamper the pitch by putting excess water to make it slow. Rakesh had even sent several photographs of the pitch to Shah. These photos, were in turn, forwarded to several bookies across the country.Preliminary investigations revealed that Bunty was Shah’s main handler and it was Bunty, who passed orders to him to get in touch with players.It has been learnt that in one of the conversations, Bunty had candidly accepted that he was in touch with two players who were ready to work for the betting syndicate.Meanwhile, the Kanpur police moved to keep Shah in remand. He is likely to be taken into custody and interrogated once again to fathom the deeps of the betting syndicate.The police also put under surveillance approximately 50 cell phones of people close to Bunty to ascertain his location.Bunty is on the run and he managed to escape moments before the Ajmer police conducted a raid at his residence.advertisementThe Kanpur police is suspecting a spill-over of information. Bunty fled from his house in an Ertiga, which was found abandoned at the Jaipur Railway station. Now, a massive manhunt had been launched for him in three states.His wife Komal, during sustained interrogation, provided vital leads about his whereabouts to the police. It is learnt that Bunty rarely stayed at home and often traveled to Mumbai.In the cell phone records of Shah, another prominent name has surfaced – one of Haneef, who is originally from Gujarat. However, his cell phone records indicate his presence somewhere in South Africa.Meanwhile, police analysed CCTV footage of over 72 hours from four cameras installed at Hotel Landmark. It reveals Shah spent 20 minutes at the hotel lobby just before the players were about to arrive. He also talked at length to an official who wore some kind of identification card on his neck.The police has to identify the official and is likely to question him. It is not yet clear if the official is a manger in any of the teams which was offered baits by Shah.The official is being examined. Now the police is banking heavily on Shah’s confessional statements as it feel the syndicate runs deep and the business runs in thousands of cores.Here are the key points:Kanpur police verifying an audio message received by Nayan Shah from master mind Bunty KhandelwalAudio clip heard Bunty saying to Shah, “tu chahe pitch pe tejab dalwa, tumahari wajas se bahut loss hua”Bunty was the handler of Nayan Shah, accepted 2 players are ready to work50 cellphones are under survillence to ascertain Bunty location, all are closedMassive manhunt in 3 states to find Bunty who fled in ertiga car, which later found abondoned at Jaipur railway stationPolice analysed 72 hours footage of hotel landmark’s lobby in Kanpur hotel 20 minutes before team arrivalBunty can be seen talking one official with I-card in the neck as per the policeBunty close associate Haneef is also on run, last cellphone location is in South AfricaBunty’s wife Komal interrogated.(With inputs from Seema Gupta)last_img

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