Igokea defeated Široki, Spurs Celebrated in Trebinje after Two Extensions

first_imgIn the seventh round of the League 6, players of Široki felt the bitterness of the defeat for the first time. Igokea celebrated with a result of 78:76 in Laktaši, and their sixth triumph lead them to the top of the rankings.What is important for the team of Željko Lukajić is that they have annulled the advantage of Široki from the first match (57:63), and that they are entering the play-off from the first position in case they win all the matches by the end of the League 6.The captain Branko Jorović scored 16 points, Marko Čakarević 15, and Duško Bunić 11. Ivan Novačić scored 16 points for the guest team, which again brought him the title of the most efficient player, while Toni Katić scored one point less.Basketball fans could watch a dramatic match in Trebinje, where Sarajevo Spars crushed the resistance of Leotar after two extensions. The match ended with a result of 74:68 in favor of Spars, while the regular part ended with a result of 53:53.Leotar has got much to regret for, since they were six points in advantage by the end of the first extension. Sarajevans equalized the result with a three-pointer of Nedim Buza and lead the match to the second extension. Adi Zahiragić scored the key points for the victory, one three-pointer and two free throws.In the host team, Dušan Cvetković had a double-double effect with 13 points and 10 rebounds. In the Spars team, Nedim Buza has shown an excellence with 20 points and 13 rebounds, while Nikola Đurasović scored 21 points and made 9 rebounds.Zrinjski realized the first victory on Tuesday in Mostar. In an exciting finale, they have overpowered Sloboda from Tuzla with a result of 83:78. Vedran Princ scored 20 points for the team from Mostar, while Ramo Rizvić scored 21 points for Tuzla team.Following matches are to be played in the eighth round: Spars-Zrinjski (Saturday), Široki-Leotar, Sloboda-Igokea (Sunday).Rankings:Igokea 6-1Široki 6-1Spars 4-3Sloboda 3-4Zrinjski 1-6Leotar 1-6(Source: klix.ba)last_img

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