GE repowers Russian-built 2TE10s in Kazakstan

first_imgINTRO: Almaty Railway and West Kazakstan Railway are acquiring 32 repowering kits from Erie to upgrade unreliable dieselsAgeing Type 2TE10 locomotives in Kazakstan are suffering poor availability, mainly due to engine and associated parts performance. General Electric of Erie, Pennsylvania, is providing 32 kits of 7FDL12 engines, plus traction alternator, rectifiers, and all auxiliaries associated with the engine and alternator. The existing DC traction motors will continue in use.The first locomotive was sent to Erie for development of the kit installation process, and complete testing of the modernised unit (above). A railway team from both customers was present during installation and test, and will manage the installation and test process at each site in Kazakstan. GE will continue to assist on site as necessary.The engine, alternator and connected parts are assembled and mounted on a sub-frame which includes an air distribution duct (below). This is ready to be inserted into the locomotive on site. Other components such as the radiator, radiator fan and compressor are included in the kit for separate mounting.The modernisation process will greatly improve reliability and availability, reduce the repair resources needed, improve fuel efficiency, and cut environmental pollution. olast_img

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