first_imgDespite recent rains, Georgia is still in a four-year drought, says state climatologist David Stooksbury. Many areas remain under and odd-even outdoor watering rotation.No one can predict how much rain the summer will bring. But it’s likely that your outdoor water use will be rationed or banned entirely this summer. So to avoid a sudden panic when this happens, start droughtproofing your landscape now.First, check out your current water use patterns to see what parts of your landscape get the most water.Typically, turf areas get the most irrigation. After all, turf is often used as a welcome mat to the home. A lush, green carpet adds to the home’s curb appeal.Drought-tolerant TurfHowever, some turf grasses are more drought-tolerant than others. Bermuda, for instance, ranks high. It will actually go dormant during drought, then bounce back when rain resumes. Fescue, on the other hand, may die if it’s not watered when rainfall is limited.Along coastal Georgia, a new drought-tolerant grass called seashore paspalum is being widely used. Depending on your current grass species, changing over to a more drought-tolerant grass may significantly reduce your landscape’s water demand.Another option would be to replace an irrigated turf area with a drought-tolerant ground cover. Use plants such as liriope or mondo grass in shaded areas. And plant Asiatic jasmine, variegated liriope or a low-growing, horizontal juniper such as Blue Rug or Prince of Wales in full-sun sites.Once established, these plants require little to no irrigation. Check with local nurseries about ordering bare-root or “liner” plants (rooted cuttings in 2-inch pots). This is an economical way to plant a large area. Many groundcover nurseries in Georgia sell bare-root and liner plants.Annual Flowers DemandingMost annual flowers demand lots of water. Consider placing these plants in one or two large containers near the entrance to your home, rather than in big ground beds.Plastic pots may be a better choice than terra cotta, which lose moisture through their sides and dry out faster. Use as large a container as you can for the space. The larger soil volume will allow more root growth and won’t dry out as fast as a small pot.Two to three sheets of newspaper on the surface of the container before planting will help prevent water loss. Then add a layer of pine bark mulch or pine straw after planting as another barrier to moisture loss.Just Say MulchChanging landscapes to save water doesn’t have to cost a lot. For instance, a natural mulch area can replace an irrigated area.Many cities and counties supply wood mulch to local citizens at low cost to keep yard waste out of the landfill. An added layer of mulch around established ornamental plants will help prevent evaporative water loss, too. It will keep the soil moist for a longer time.Still another water saver may be simply to irrigate fewer plants or less often. Maybe you’re watering plants that don’t need as much water as you’re giving them. Most well-established ornamental shrubs and trees can survive weeks without irrigation.’Listen’ to PlantsPlants will tell you when they need water by turning gray-green or wilting. Use a hand-held hose with a water breaker to apply water slowly, targeting plants that need water. Let the water soak in slowly to avoid runoff.If you can’t water at all due to local bans, prune back wilted plants to reduce their foliar demand for water and help them through a dry time.To learn more about water-wise landscaping and water conservation, visit this University of Georgia Web site: http://interests.caes.uga.edu/drought/articles/restrictinfo.htm. Or contact your county UGA Extension Service office for publications and recommendations for your area.last_img read more

Smoking material to blame for Albert Street fire in Johnson City

first_imgJOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — The Johnson City Fire Marshall says the fire at 67 Albert St. was accidental in nature. No injuries were reported. The Fire Marshall says the fire was caused by “improperly discarded smoking materials” on the second floor front porch.center_img Five adults were displaced from the fire but are able to stay with friends and family.last_img

How Messi and Xavi delighted the People of Travnik?

first_imgMessi? Maybe I could try with Messi? – Jasmina Fajkić, a 28-year-old woman from Travnik, was thinking one afternoon late last year, coming up with a plan to raise as much money as possible for the Pediatric Ward of the Health Center in her town.Although she had no idea how to reach the famous player of Barcelona and officially the best football player in the world, she still decided to try.“Having Messi’s shirt, football boots or anything else at an auction sounded irrational, but still real. I contacted a friend, humanitarian Enrico Moristo who lives in Spain, and he told me he will contact the management of Barcelona. To be honest, I did not believe in success at that time, but already after several days I was notified that Leo Messi is sending his shirt-signed,” said Jasmina.“Only a couple of days after I came up with that idea, I was going to meet Morista, to take over the shirt. I thought it would be a simple bag, but it was a big box with a nicely wrapped Messi’s shirt on which he wrote: May this serve as much as possible. I took it home and told my mum to take good care of it, to stay home and keep her eyes on the shirt,” Jasmina said, laughing.This gave her a stimulus to contact other athletes and make auction of their equipment. Since she did not know any athletes personally, she tracked them via social networks.“Blanka Vlašić sent me her running shoes right away. Edin DŽeko also contacted me among the first athletes, when I first published the campaign. He sent his shirt, since he always supports all actions, but he also asked whether he can help in any other way,” Jasmina recalled.Jasmine used some little tricks on her way. For example, she reached the football player of Real Madrid Mateo Kovačić through his girlfriend, whom she found on Instagram.“By looking at the posts, I realized that Izabel A. is his girlfriend, so I sent her a message. She read it and, unbelievably, I had Mateo’s shirt in a couple of days,” Jasmina said about her first campaign which she completed entirely by herself.The B&H national team player Izet Hajrović donated a signed shirt and 2,000 BAM, of which she was supposed to allocate 1,000 BAM for the Pediatric Ward and asked to donate the other 1,000 BAM to one of several poor families she regularly supports.When Jasmina published information about her campaign in media, one reader who works in Qatar contacted her and offered to get in touch with another star from Barcelona – Xavi Hernandez. The signed Xavi’s dress soon completed the auction collection.Except for the mentioned shirts and sports footwear, the auction collection was complemented by the equipment of the best B&H tennis player Damir Dćumhur, the national basketball team of B&H, the FC Liverpool, Miralem Pjanić, Josip Kvesić, Ervin Zukanović, Krste Velkoski, Adnan Zahirović, Amer Bekić, Elmedin Kikanović, Senjamin Burić, Toni Šunjić, Edin Višća, Armin Hodžić, Avdija Vršarević, Elvedin Varupa…Jasmine got the most money for Messi’s shirt (3,100 BAM-1,550 EUR) and for Xavi’s shirt (1,000 BAM-500 EUR), both bought by the Kuwaiti Carl Saliba.In the end, Jasmina had a total of 14,000 BAM and she donated the entire amount to the Pediatric Ward where she has been working as an activist for three years, helping the patients to overcome disease and worries about getting money for expensive treatments easier.(Source: fokus.ba)last_img read more