Xining fire for students to fill the summer fire safety education

Xining fire brigade in the city to carry out the summer fire make up the lessons of safety education practice. Mobilize and mobilize the broad participation of young people in the city’s fire work, set off a strong popularity of fire safety knowledge, improve the ability to escape self-help boom.

young people’s awareness of fire fighting activities. Xining fire brigade held by everyone involved in the fire, to create a safe and harmonious "as the theme of the summer youth fire safety education activities, to" go out, please come in "approach, in the brigade camp, school and other places to carry out the" red gate opening "," fire into the campus activities, through knowledge, to carry out the fire special fire fighting equipment exhibition, simulation experience and knowledge contest, fire escape fire drills as the main content of the fire safety education activities.

500 students become compulsory fire propagandists. Carry out "fire camp" fire safety education activities for young people. Detachment relying on the army’s existing resources, such as standardized construction, organize students to visit the barracks construction, experience the life of fire officers and men, feel the fire life atmosphere. Watch the fire warning education piece by fire, learning basic knowledge and skills, allow students to experience zero distance fire safety and their own lives; the majority of teachers and students actively striving to volunteer fire, by three days, the city’s more than 100 teachers to become volunteer fire detachment signed, more than 400 students become a compulsory fire propagandists.

fire propaganda into ordinary families. At the beginning of summer vacation, the detachment of active joint local education departments, combined with the fire safety demonstration school construction organization, students and parents to draw the fire evacuation and escape route map ", making home fire safety evacuation plan, and organize a family evacuation drills, fill in the" family fire safety check list ", to discover and family members to eliminate hidden dangers, to improve family members’ ability to escape the fire. (author: Li Chunfei)


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