The seventeenth China Green Food Expo

9 month 2 days, by the Chinese green food development center, Jilin Provincial Agriculture Commission, Changchun municipal government organized the seventeenth session of Chinese Green Food Expo in Changchun Agricultural Expo opened, nearly 2000 companies from the 34 national pavilions at the green expo. Our province has selected 11 representatives on behalf of the province’s green food development results of the certification companies and Qinghai features more than 10 major categories of more than 50 kinds of products. Products related to beef and mutton products, dairy products, wolfberry products, aquatic products, bee products, potatoes, garlic, etc.. In order to reflect the characteristics of Qinghai plateau characteristics of the products, our province has special selection of Cordyceps sinensis, Tianlu milk A Well-Known Trademark in China exhibition.

in recent years, the provincial government proposed to build a "Plateau", "green card", "organic" brand agricultural brand development strategy, the province’s agricultural innovation system formed a strong agricultural Huinong, green agriculture, coordination, open, sharing a new situation to help farmers rich peasants promote the development of agriculture. A powerful starting point to grasp quality, tree brand, Hui Nong, become a strong agricultural agriculture, to help farmers, green food has become a booster of the development of agriculture and animal husbandry public brand and the income increase of farmers and agricultural animal husbandry efficiency. Green food out of a plateau characteristics, Qinghai characteristics of the development of modern ecological agriculture and animal husbandry, the market continued to enhance competitiveness. So far, the effective use of the "three one" logo products of the province has reached 470, of which 207 pollution-free products, green food and organic food in 128, 94, 48 geographical indications of agricultural products, green food production materials 13, production scale reached 3 million 679 thousand and 740 hectares.

the exhibition, the province’s more than and 50 square meters of special exhibition hall, concise, delicate, highlighting the green ecology, green production, green consumption theme, showing the concept of ecology, green development. Exhibition hall with snow capped mountains, flowing water as the background, meaning the source of the growth of green food in Sanjiang has a unique charm. Full featured, high quality, exquisite packaging, is the characteristics of the province’s participating products, a good reflection of the plateau green product quality image.


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