The historic breakthrough of Qinghai open platform construction

In recent years, the province continued to strengthen the construction of open platform, expanding opening up, to actively participate in the "The Belt and Road" construction, continue to adjust the structure, broaden the channels of communication, the construction of cooperation mechanism, opening up a new attitude show. In 2015, the opening of the province continued to expand in the interconnection, and the trade volume Belt and Road Initiative along the main country of nearly $400 million, an increase of 15.5%. Cao Jiabao bonded logistics center (B) built into the Qinghai Tibet region’s first special customs supervision, marking the construction of the province’s open platform to achieve a historic breakthrough.

since last year, the province continues to accelerate the construction of international marketing network, encourage enterprises to build exhibition centers, distribution centers, wholesale markets, reduce intermediate links, direct participation in international market competition. Key support "Chinese province enterprises set up in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions and countries along the Belt and Road Initiative" (Qinghai) special goods international marketing center, the acquisition of foreign marketing distribution center, driven characteristics of independent brand exports and enhance competitiveness in the international market; further accelerate for the international market and distinctive features, the industrial chain supporting the national, provincial comprehensive transformation and upgrading of foreign trade professional demonstration base construction, improve the quality of export products, and promote the province plateau characteristics of seed breeding, nonferrous metal, Tibetan cultural industry agglomeration advantages into export competitive advantage; vigorously promote the construction of platform commodity imports, continue to explore the "bonded warehouse bonded + sales", "direct imports" and "international procurement – Import – self marketing", such as cross-border electricity supplier model; actively create international Domestic exhibition platform to help enterprises make full use of the exhibition platform to expand the market, deepen exchanges and cooperation with foreign countries.


12th Five-Year" since, our province focus on fostering foreign trade competitive advantage, deepening reform and opening up institutional mechanisms, continue to increase the "going out" and "bringing in" support and improve the level of the open economy. 2015 total import and export volume in 2010 than 1.5 fold in 12th Five-Year, an average annual growth of 17.6%. Today, the province’s foreign trade structure has been optimized, the import and export of private enterprises accounted for 89.1% of total import and export, high energy consuming products accounted for total exports rose from 32.3% in 2010 down to 8.1%; two-way investment increased year by year to broaden the field of foreign investment, financial leasing and financial futures field using foreign capital to achieve zero breakthrough; into the "The Belt and Road" in an orderly way, take the lead in the establishment of the countries along the Silk Road Roundtable mechanism in the western provinces, Xining airport officially opened for the first time to go abroad, the success of "Chinese Qinghai (Vietnam) Shang Pinbo Expo", held "Qinghai special commodity exhibition" in Belarus, successfully held 11 sessions in a row, the 9 Qing Tibetan carpet exhibition food exhibition. Tibetan carpet exhibition won the international exhibition alliance certification, into the ranks of the world’s leading exhibition.

this year is "13th Five-Year" planning beginning this year, the provincial commerce department official said, the future will continue to conscientiously implement the provincial government decision to deploy, to grasp the development opportunity, widen the space of international exchanges and cooperation, speed up economic development;

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