Drainage sector for 9 consecutive hours of full drainage storm did not cause a significant impact

29 evening and the morning of the morning of 30, so that the Drainage Department staff dispatched, scattered to the provincial capital of each point, continuous drainage for 9 hours, the storm did not cause a big impact.

30, 9 pm, Liu Yu, director of water management department of Xining city water company said, rain on the evening of 29 in Xining, at 21 PM they launched the emergency plan, unit full duty, the more water section in the Wuyi Road, 71 Road, Bayi Road, Sanming market, send drainage the full-time staff, timely drainage and open drainage covers, plumbing equipment dispatched vehicles, some of the blocked roads to clear in time, to ensure smooth drainage. For the water Bayi Road and other sections, the staff set up a reminder to remind the passing vehicles to drive carefully.

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