2017 fashion week 10 of the most spectacular show brand ranking

every spring and summer there will be a lot of fashion show, people can see this year’s popular theme, show when the fashion week is very necessary, along with the rise of the rise of social media and the younger generation of consumers, in order to seize the customers, brands are also broken heart in addition, the introduction of more busy young dress, with live show, after buying "and other new forms of communication, to brush the topic and show a good layout, the layout can not only make us unforgettable, more effective dissemination of the brand concept, in this round of battle, who is the final winner.


No.1:Marc Jacobs

if has the most romantic spring 2017 Fashion Week show, it must be the number of Marc Jacobs, the perfect layout is a long-term partner, brother pony designer Stefan Beckman hand device. A star like "fall" in the show floor lighting, suffused with the misty purple halo, let the audience feel the gentle thoughts Marc Jacobs inside the "bad girl".


has always been high-profile Kanye, also want to do a show of life, he was the fourth women’s series on the site of New York put up a pageantry Franklin I four freedom Memorial Park (Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park), and invited 1200 catwalk shows. Although the criticism is the guests waiting for three hours starting from the model’s scholar, but diversified to overwhelming numbers, let a person find everything fresh and new, including simple but losing style clothing is also remarkable.


Prada this year will bring you a taste of the charm of science and technology, the flat film director David O. Russell leading device in the field quite pull the wind, combined with a sense of the future architecture of silver metal, avant-garde glance Prada attribute.


stacked disk, staggered cable, metal lattice device, optical cable and power line…… A model with high-tech helmets shuttle, it is wrong to go to the sci-fi blockbuster set! In fact, this is the Chanel to "close contact with science and technology" as the theme of the latest big show.

No.5:Tommy Hilfiger

New York week show one of the most absorbing eye arrangement to the number of Tommy Hilfiger, this time he decided to Coney Island Lord Monica before the Hong Kong market for inspiration, do a pleasure Carnival! Inside from the ferris wheel and carousel, the store to store everything, this brand of leisure, interesting personalities reflected most incisive.


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