Barbecue join the project to choose Korean barbecue

Chinese the acceleration of globalization process, the global economic and cultural exchanges more closely, mutual penetration now seems to have to share the feeling, take the Korean culture into Chinese since the Korean elements in China everywhere, this is a form of consumption as a result of the love of young people.

Han were the first Korean brand holders Mr. Jin Chengzhe was founded in 1993. The unique food culture originated in South Korea, to deepen Chinese Shenyang, benefited from the traditional Korean culture, in the continuous development, and the pursuit of efforts, after decades of hard pioneer, the rapid growth of enterprise development. From 1993 the first individual development in Shenhe District of Shenyang City, cold store Wu’ai street, now has more than 20 chain stores in 8 provinces and cities China.

Korean barbecue for more than 30 years of scientific research, patent and recipe in the nutrient structure is safe, more women to share beautiful skin. Han in Liaoshen catering industry reputation for more than 20 years, has been named the "China restaurant", "four national green food enterprises", and in 2010 2011, won two consecutive Shenyang example most style award and most influential awards.

Korean barbecue join conditions:

agree with the Korean corporate culture, willing to accept the headquarters of all types of training and unified operational standards, voluntary join the Han and abide by the articles of association.

(1) keen on the food and beverage industry, determined to engage in healthy food and beverage business.

(2) understands and accepts the culture and business philosophy of "Han capital".

(3) has a certain understanding of the mode of chain operation, and has the determination and will to share weal and woe with the allies.

(4) voluntarily accept all kinds of professional training and unified operating standards.

(5) has certain economic conditions and economic strength.

(6) have the sense of competition, not forgetting.

(7) in joining the Han all can not join the other brands in the industry.

direct franchise fee standard:

(1) franchise minimum area: 300 square meters. Above the provincial level city minimum area of 500 square meters.

(2) has signed an intention to join the agreement, to join the intention to join the franchisee, the headquarters will be on the franchise >

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