Ali cloud Chong + + incubator base settled in Changsha


to encourage entrepreneurship in the country are now pushing for a policy, especially around now are very attention to some Internet startups, why Internet entrepreneurship has a larger market prospects and business opportunities, recently, Ali cloud "hit off +" incubation base officially settled in Changsha.

7, Yuhua District People’s government signed a cooperation agreement with ALI cloud, Ali cloud "hit off +" incubation base officially settled in Yuhua District Changsha city. Ali cloud Chong + + incubator base will be set up to provide customers with free infrastructure, legal advice, tax consulting, company registration services. In addition, the guests can also open the docking Ali open platform brand resources, cloud services resources, data resources, marketing resources, and enjoy more than 1000 professional guidance entrepreneurial mentor team.

aliyun hit off + "business incubator located in Yuhua District Changsha city square desi City, nearly 4000 square meters of office space has entered the construction phase, is expected to open in September 1, 2015, the first batch can accommodate 50 entrepreneurial teams, is now open for registration.

aliyun hit off + "responsible person Meng Yunfeng said at the signing ceremony," Ali cloud "off the record" + online business resource platform dedicated to Changsha into new innovation and entrepreneurship incubators, Ali cloud will use open platform Ali brand resources, cloud service resources, data resources, marketing resources to provide comprehensive services for entrepreneurs, to boost the development of start-ups."

aliyun hit off + "project aims to cooperate with local governments to establish a business incubator service platform, to create a mutual exchange and learning for entrepreneurs. In addition, Ali cloud with more than 300 investment and financing institutions for long-term cooperation, providing investment and financing services for high-quality entrepreneurial projects. "Hit off +" as Ali group, a new business incubator platform, not only to aggregate various resources from the Ali group itself, is to join the government at all levels and third party operators as an important partner, with dedicated to aspiring entrepreneurs on the road hit off.

for the Ali cloud "hit off +" incubator in Changsha settled, helpful, very important for the development of the regional Changsha Yuhua District will at the same time, an Internet platform for the establishment of this, will also lead the local young people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm.


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