Community store operators can not do big supermarkets

now the number of large supermarkets are also increasing, due to the abundant capital, often carry out a variety of promotional activities, which makes some convenience stores feel difficult to survive. So, if you open a community store how to operate it? This is the problem that many shopkeepers are worried about. Xiao Bian here suggested that the community store operators can not do big supermarkets.

my retail store in the urban area of a high-end residential areas, the owners of the consumer ability. At the same time, the front of the district is a bustling urban trunk road, a large flow of people. The area where the owners usually are busy, as a small one, in order to facilitate communication, I built a "super small owners QQ group, now has more than and 600 members of the group.

usually, which drains water, peeling, in front of the fence is broken, big or small, in the group where you drink a sound, I will be very timely help to find the property to solve. If they were busy scoring off, no one at home, it is safe to put the key in my here, by my tracking, after the end of the project, I will act as the "acceptance" role, because I am responsible in the area to establish a good reputation.

for the community store, we should make good use of this advantage and the owners, to provide customers with value-added services. I not only operate the department store, but also provide cleaning, laundry, decoration and other domestic services. In fact, I do these are layman, but I have their own channels, like the same as the intermediary, if someone needs cleaning, I a phone in the past, there will be a professional. And the owners and the service side of the money through my settlement, so that the owners and the construction side are worry. Naturally, they are loyal customers in my store.

since it is a community store, there is a community of such advantages, it is necessary to give full play to the nature, so that it can make the effect better. So, if you are a community store operators, and supermarkets want to compete, and now you know how to do it? Xiao Bian introduced this technique will be helpful to your store management?

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