Fuzhou will build a regional international logistics center

electricity supplier in the development of contemporary hot, fast industry has become the focus of attention. When shopping on the Internet, the choice of express time, directly determines the speed of goods we receive. In view of the current market situation, it is necessary to establish a new logistics center. This time, Fuzhou will build a regional international logistics center, in order to promote the continued development of the local electricity supplier to promote economic progress.

days ago, the provincial Commission by letter, the national development and Reform Commission, Department of Commerce issued the "speed up the logistics industry in Fujian province development plan (2016 ~2020 years)" proposed that by 2020, the province logistics industry increased more than 300 billion yuan, the proportion of GDP accounted for 7.7%, become the new leading industries in the province to support the development of the national economy. Among them, China (Fujian) free trade zone will be built as the core area of Fuzhou international logistics center.

"12th Five-Year" period, the province’s logistics industry initially formed a "big industry, big network, big service" development pattern. Data show that in 2015 the province’s logistics industry added value of 181 billion 557 million yuan, an increase of more than in 2010, accounting for the proportion of the logistics industry accounted for GDP, accounting for the proportion of the added value of the service sector is 17.1%, the proportion of the value of the value of the service sector in the province in was $7%.

pointed out that, according to the location of our province area, combined with the local industry characteristics, development level, infrastructure condition and market demand, the construction of a clear division of labor, rational layout, functional complementation, dislocation development "one channel, two hubs and three logistics center" spatial pattern.

give full play to Fuzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou and other coastal ports, improve the Fujian Guangdong Jiangxi logistics channel, on the development and opening of Fuzhou district and other key functional areas for the pilot, and strengthen channel construction, improve the system of transportation and customs clearance function, promote the line of countries and regions interconnected with the "The Belt and Road along, to achieve" seamless "Hester" and "land of silk", build, convergence, radiation throughout the north and south of the country and the world of the west coast of the Strait logistics corridor.

continue to promote the coordinated development of regional logistics, promote the logistics infrastructure construction, cohesion, Fu (state) (Pu Tian Ning) (Germany) metropolitan area logistics hub and ha (door) Zhang Quan (state) (state) metropolitan area logistics hub; give full play to the role of self overflow Trade Zone effect, strengthening the Internet interoperability and sharing of resources, to form China (Fujian) Strait logistics center from Pingtan free trade zone area as the core, taking Xiamen area as the core of the southeast international shipping center in Fuzhou area as the core of the regional international logistics center.

The establishment of

logistics center, consumers in the online shopping, will be faster to receive their goods. At the same time, it can effectively promote the economic development of the region, is a very meaningful thing. The coastal port of Fuzhou and other places to give full play to the advantages of strengthening the sea and air recommended

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