Retailers are willing to lose money in order to draw relationships

how can we have a better relationship with customers? How to be able to mix with the consumer groups around the shop? I’m afraid this is the knowledge any retailer wants to know. In fact, if you want to win the relationship between retailers, might as well eat a loss, perhaps the effect will be surprised oh.

retailers must do a good job with the local residents, especially in rural areas, if there is a competitor, then pay more attention to this point. Of course, we say that the quality of service is an important factor in determining the quality of business, but in the quality of service level is almost the case, interpersonal relationship is an important factor affecting the quality of business. As far as I know, in rural areas to open a shop, a lot of things to do is acquaintances business, by the relationship network.

but to improve relations with the surrounding residents, only say with a smile is not necessarily, as retailers at this time to be willing to lose money, for example to see the neighbors in the shop, whether or not to buy goods he didn’t have the goods, enthusiastically, but also Diyan tea, this point can not be too troublesome. So their store to purchase some low smoke on the surrounding residents should wash cigarettes, do not have the slightest love, you know to cigarette money, perhaps for those who are not ready to buy what people will feel shy, what to buy back.

also can properly please treat, for example, ask them to eat dinner at every festival, the exchange of feelings, strengthen contacts; and local residents of the home weddings and funerals, in a timely manner to the RBI, even slightly higher than the local average level, these measures can actually buy people, deepen their impression, so they need to buy what first consideration is to my store. The surface may be a bit of a loss, but in essence do not know how much to earn!

retailer Song Guizhi said: "in addition to their own customers to see a smile, Big Brother Big Sister long short, and is willing to lose this year is small, the surrounding residents please eat a meal, together with everyone, also a tacit understanding, people understand clearly what kind of meaning. In recent years, their business has maintained a strong momentum, I would like to have a great relationship with their neighbors and the relationship between the very harmonious."

seems to do these things is the loss they suffer, however the evaluation is high, and the relationship between customers and the surrounding masses is getting better and better, this is a great guarantee for the development of business shop will, such a loss is worth the nature. So, if you are a retailer, would you do it?

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