Model analysis of online shop

with the emergence of the shop, although not as complicated as the opening, but also the emergence of a variety of entrepreneurial open shop form, operators by mail, etc., will be sent to the buyer. The online shop is a born in the age of the Internet under the background of new sales, the traditional business model is different from the network, compared with the large online shopping mall and a few personal goods online auction, online shop investment is small, flexible mode of operation, can provide a good profit space for the operators, many people become entrepreneurial way the.

The current mode

1) registered members in large professional web site, opened his own shop. Like eBay, Taobao, Tesco, a lot of the big professional website to provide personal online shop service, you only pay the corresponding fees (a small amount of goods shop rents, fees, advertising fees, online login commodity transaction fees), you can have a personal online shop, online sales.

2) independent apartment layout online shop. Operators themselves or commissioned to carry out the design of the shop, the shop has no relationship with the large shopping sites, relying solely on individual operators to attract visitors to promote.

There are two kinds of

A is completely personalized design according to the needs of the sale of goods, the need for domain name registration, rent space, web design, program development and a series of work, personalized better, higher cost;

A is the purchase of self-service website module, to some network company has the advantages of simple operation, low cost, but the lack of personalized.

3) on the basis of the former two ways, set up shop in both large websites, and independent sales site. In this way, the advantages of the former two, the lack of investment will be relatively high.

many offline store operators to realize the function of the network, to the sale of goods through the Internet, and some online shop operators made good gains will also consider opening a store in the net, the combination of sales, the effect is quite good.


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