Xifeng County, Guizhou entrepreneurship project will be held

in the spring under the influence of dual policy, more and more people have the intention of entrepreneurship, but most of them lack of experience, in a confused state, do not know what should do poineering project. At this time the government played an intermediary role of the bridge.

11 8, venture project promotion will be held in Xifeng County, health museum, food stores, furniture stores, e-commerce and other less investment and quick start project, attracted a lot of people come to consult the entrepreneurial intention.

the Xifeng county from the City venture project library screened 30 entrepreneurial projects for promotion, and set the exhibition demonstration site on the part of the project. The introduction of many types of projects, low threshold, quick start, easy to operate, the amount of investment ranging from several thousand dollars to several thousand dollars, as long as you want to start a business, entrepreneurs can be consulted to understand.

"I hope to be able to promote the meeting" phase "suitable venture." He Bing people working outside the city for many years, want to return home for many years, but has not found the right project. He told reporters that the promotion will be selected for their own projects to invest.

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