Tianjin to increase the amount of college student loans to 500 thousand yuan

for business students and entrepreneurs in Tianjin for occupation, improve the loan amount in venture capital support, from the original general maximum 50 thousand yuan business loans to the current maximum 500 thousand yuan loan support.

Learned from the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of finance

days before Tianjin has recently increased employment by entrepreneurship loan, including college graduates to start their own business, the highest self occupation will receive 300 thousand yuan small loans to support entrepreneurship, employment of more than 5 people, entrepreneurs operate in a stable maximum 500 thousand yuan loans, compared to the original policy generally, lenders maximum 50 thousand yuan loan provisions increase.

it is understood that the Tianjin municipal and county level two finance new investment 87 million yuan, the total size of the county guarantee fund increased to 180 million yuan, the same period can provide up to 900 million yuan of funds to support for the city’s entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs apply for loans will also be more convenient.

for the majority of entrepreneurs funding problems, Tianjin and additional investment in financial capital, the current total size of the county has reached 180 million yuan guarantee to promote entrepreneurship employment, more convenient for entrepreneurs to apply for loans.

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