The reasons why they failed to start a business in those years

2015 is known as the new generation of China, the first year of entrepreneurship, this year the average daily birth of 12 thousand enterprises, set off a wave of entrepreneurship. However, although the new force is strong, in the year of the death of many start-up companies.

O2O, the capital of winter, Internet plus air, creating these hot words with the 2015 Internet circle, each hot words are to guide a group of people out of business A fighting spirit soars aloft.

venture into the timing, leader strategy, financing speed, on the profit model has become the main factors to consider clear company can continue.

The list of


The closing time of

business: January 17, 2016

1.  complex ownership structure leads to miss the best financing opportunity period

2.  subsidies cost a lot of money

aegis express for a team in the initial stage of the development of outsourcing, which lasted 3 months, and other products after uploading but can not be used, so in desperation to give up the outsourcing team to develop products, their own R & D team recruitment.

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