diom goddess combination of popular knowledge to make friends offer knee

recently, two "idiom goddess" quickly became popular network, "China" in the idiom of the general assembly of two girls combination of good results show vernacular consonance, on idiom knowledge, was friends laughing obviously can rely on value to yan.

"idiom goddess popular, Yan double high IQ value. Recently, the vernacular consonance combination composed of two girls in the "China idiom Congress" program because of its rich vocabulary, quick reaction and let others be cast into the shade, defeated.

"6 words in the vernacular. The theme of time confrontation, race out of 27 seconds, set a new record for this link. Guessing video two crazy forwarded in the network, glamorous beauty Zhang Yuhua has become friends in mind the "goddess of idioms".

game, Zhang Yuhua began, white Juan immediately guessed, an average of 4 seconds to guess an idiom, it really should be the theme of the 6 Idioms "ingenuity". Two people have been playing at the top, the idiom will reach the peak of perfection degree.


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