Shop operating eight points you encounter pain

many people shop business is not very good, on the surface of many problems, and many of them are some common phenomena existing in the industry, however, if a careful analysis can be found, in fact, behind the various problems hidden problems more, this is the shop business pain points". Here, the small series to analyze the shop operating eight points, you encountered?

1, lack of talent, lack of actual mechanism.

some employees can not keep, have never thought about giving employees a future, even if it is just a small learning opportunities? Good talent incentive mechanism can be trained into a store manager, sales elite.

2, lack of surface customers, the actual lack of management.

boss to consider the problem is how to manage the store, how to improve the service, how to create value, how to give customers a satisfactory meal experience, rather than complaining every day less, customers do not want to come.

3, lack of business on the surface, the actual lack of ideas.

is also a customer, why he will never come again? How to manage the restaurant franchise? Customers pick? Dishes are not good enough? Employees suck? No, you need to change the product structure, breaking the traditional sales model, create more sales space.

4, lack of promotion of the surface, the actual lack of marketing.

do not move is the price discount, holiday promotions, not to bad business when it comes to promotion, the real thing is to do a set of marketing planning, allowing customers to continue to consume.

5, the surface of the lack of Maori space, the actual lack of profitable products.


believe that a lot of what the restaurant is missing, is the lack of dishes. A lot of dishes in the restaurant, but it is not fine, there is no real feature of the main profit of the signature dishes, we have to do is keep, streamline the marginal dishes, get a good reputation of customers!

6, lack of surface guidance, lack of actual system.

in the business is not good, the food and beverage boss always like to invite one or two legendary industry elite to guide the work, but did not achieve practical results. In fact, there is no one system can be completely copied to each shop; two are their own camp, personal snow from the front door, the lack of the overall strength of the support, the lack of strong support.

7, the lack of popular dish surface, lack of practical philosophy.

has a good franchise brand, can provide the latest line for each franchise

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