Shop business can not forget the safety

now the society is so complex, a variety of security incidents continue to occur, people feel sad. January 5, Ningxia, Yinchuan, a bus fire, resulting in 17 deaths, 32 people were injured. Although this is a case of arson, criminals have been arrested by the public security organs, but from this incident, we have a profound understanding of the importance of safety work. Double section has come, as a cigarette retail households, while doing good season sales, we must pay attention to store safety, eliminate security risks, to guard against accidents.

inflammable and explosive materials must be safe

cigarette retail formats, business miscellaneous goods. For convenience stores, restaurants, restaurants, grocery stores, not only the operation of cigarettes, most shops also operate fireworks, pesticides, fresh agents, beer and other flammable and explosive goods. A few days ago, I visited a wholesale department, found the owner on the premises for a fire cooking stove and briquette stove, side, less than a meter, even piled a stack of fireworks, let a person look very dangerous.

Caution! Remind the owner, the owner is not to regard it as right: "now the fireworks packing is tight, does not happen by accident." I said: "although the shop is not set up factories, but there is also a danger source, especially fireworks inflammable and explosive materials, must be placed to the safe place, do not be careless. In the event of an accident, no!" Listen to me to say that he was alert, and immediately took action to put fireworks on the shelves of the treasury. In this way, it is much safer.

also has a shop owner, the electric heater in the store is very close to the bottom of the air freshener. So I reminded him: "the heater to stay away from flammable and explosive goods." He said, "what are you afraid of? Every day like this, there is no accident. I’m a little nervous about what you said." In order to make the owner aware of the danger of this approach, I do a little experiment: let the owner brought a gas lighter, more than half of the remaining gas emissions, a gas heater, which is then placed on the top, turn on the power, the result is less than three minutes, only to hear "bang" sound. The lighter initiation, from warmer spring down, fall on the ground.

owner watched in amazement, "I Strike while the iron is hot.": "if you put the air freshener baked in a warmer, more powerful explosion. Although there is no accident, because the heating time is not long, if one day to forget the power supply, a long time exposure to flammable and explosive materials, will certainly explode, this is not alarmist." The owner nodded and quickly put the air freshener on the shelf.

off good natural gas 10 million MO

now, I live in the county seat, the use of natural gas users more

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