Operating hot pot franchise need to pay attention to what

in the food and beverage project, hot pot occupy the catering market is a great development space, but also has a high popularity, so in the operation of a hot pot restaurant, you need to pay attention to what matters? How much do you know about the hotpot market? Now, let’s look at the division and details of the hotpot market!

(a), Division requirements:

1, the operating varieties, drinks and beverages, service level, business hours, traffic conditions and other aspects of the right to grasp for the comparison of their brands can enter the market.

2, with maneuverability. If the results of the market with their own human, financial and material resources are not complete, it is difficult to achieve business objectives, we must give up, RE market, identify the location.

3, with no chaos. After the market division, as long as the actual situation, it is bold to open up, develop long-term plans to occupy the market.

(two), classification:

1, location: the regional characteristics of the hot pot restaurant has a greater impact on its operation, to fully understand the geographical factors of hot pot. Unified region, different shops and pots of goods to serve different consumer groups; and unified store and pot products to different regions will change.

2, population classification: affected by people’s living, cultural, religious, ethnic and other factors, there is a difference in consumption of hot pot, different varieties, grades, purposes are different. Different levels of consumer groups, grade, variety requirements are also different.

3, customer segmentation: in addition to consider the customer’s occupation, income, etc., but also analyze the idea of thrift is the traditional type, affordable, trendy impulse, luxury is still publicity and so on, in order to achieve tangible results.

4, behavioral analysis: the customer is divided into regulars, general guests, individual activities, new customers, etc., which is associated with the quality of hot pot restaurants, service level, customer trust and other related.


(1), Hot pot analysis of market positioning, has a different scale:

1, according to the grade points: high, medium and low-grade, or luxury stores, specialty stores, public stores, self-service stores, etc..

2, according to the function of points: characteristics of hot pot, hot pot, hot pot, hot pot, etc..

3, according to the source points: hot pot, Mongolia hot pot, court hot pot, hot pot, etc..

4, according to the operating points: brand hot pot, restaurant hot pot, self-service hot pot, hot pot, etc..

first according to these standards, with its own characteristics, to choose their own products.

(two), price positioning, one of the important factors that affect the operation, in other conditions are ripe, price is the deciding factor:

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