Tai’an financial business district construction plan to implement the official launch of investment

now everywhere in the business activities with wildly beating gongs and drums, recently in Jiangsu Tai’an city is a relatively large investment activities, can be said to be covering the entire economic and cultural and financial aspects.

in March this year, Tai’an city is located in the development of the times between the auction to sell the south line, Pan River Street and Lingshan street 4 commercial land, are competing to be developed in the construction of Tai’an financial business district. The land will be able to build a successful financial business district, planning and construction of nearly 1 million square meters of the magnificent buildings, including financial services, financial office, commercial, hotel, high-end residential and other functions. In the business sector planning, the project will be realized in the future headquarters of financial institutions (branches), the headquarters of financial institutions (branches), corporate headquarters base, commercial catering and leisure district functions such as format layout, integration of environmental protection, low carbon, green development concept, and needs to be customized according to the enterprise business services.

the pace of the times in the development, at the same time, the pace of development of a city will never stop too, a large-scale investment activities of the Tai’an City, this is a good thing for many investors in the investment process, because there are a lot of business opportunities.


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