Forbes announced a number of female billionaires 17% by entrepreneurial fortune

is a long way from scratch to become a billionaire. But we are pleased that the number of female entrepreneurs in the number of billionaires on the rise. There are many independent business women, let us see the future of the bright prospects of female passengers.

The people of mixed

. Because it means that only 1.6% of all billionaires are self-made women, while only about 17% of all women are on the list. In addition, the 24 entrepreneurs of the vast majority of women from the United States or China, of which the 15 is to work together with her husband or brother and sister. The other 9 independent female entrepreneurs include Oprah · Wen Furui (Oprah  Winfrey) and Spanx’s Sara · Blakely (Sara  Blakely). In contrast, most of the men are entirely self-made billionaires.

these women’s story is very inspiring, and we have reason to hope. According to the American Express Open Forum (American  Express  Open , Forum, Amex) report, in 2012 the United States estimated that 830 women held by the enterprise, in the past 15 years increased by 54%. The same data from Amex show that women are 1.5 times more likely to start a business.

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