Hunan in order to promote the further launch of public Entrepreneurship Program

in such a popular era of entrepreneurship in today’s society, for the majority of entrepreneurs to create a good business platform is a very important thing, at present, Hunan Province, to promote public innovation, launched a series of programmes.

9 15, the official website of the Hunan provincial government issued the development of public space in Hunan province to promote the implementation of public innovation and Entrepreneurship Program, intended to 2018, to achieve the "1211" development goals. That is to build more than 100 low cost, convenience, all elements, open the public record space; 20 thousand new technology Small and micro businesses; venture investment institutions reached more than 100; 100 thousand high quality jobs.

"plan" clearly will organize the implementation of public record space construction, cultivation, creating innovative service, enhance financial support and innovative entrepreneurial culture and 5 action plans, build innovation ecosystems, in Internet applications, intelligent manufacturing, industrial design, biomedical and other fields, the construction of 10 about the influence of the public record space demonstration bases, led the province’s public record space construction.


"plan", Hunan province to develop the administrative measures for the accreditation of a space, to promote the local science and technology enterprise incubator upgrade for investment promotion, training and coaching, professional service and create customized incubation type and other characteristics of the public record space; relying on the province of universities to set up a number of demonstration base of Cultivating College Students’ entrepreneurship, set up Hunan province university students entrepreneurial base alliance; universities and research institutes of scientific and technical personnel can be part-time or leave the way, create and lead, or working with entrepreneurs starting technology services, relying on science and technology enterprises; rural innovation platform, to provide business services for home business, home business personnel to support agricultural products around deep processing, rural services, leisure agriculture and rural tourism, entrepreneurship, and foster a number of new occupation farmer.

in technology finance, improve the investment and financing services business, to carry out the Internet to raise public equity financing pilot, strengthen to raise the public public service innovation ability, improve the venture capital, angel investment withdraw and transfer mechanism.


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