n fact, ‘m just a failed webmaster

‘s love for the Internet, the pursuit of a better life, the future of their own outlook, so I unknowingly walked on the road to see the webmaster. Sometimes, I really doubt what the Internet can bring to me. What can the Internet accomplish for me?

has seen many personal Adsense famous stories, read articles about them every time, always in the mood of emotion and excitement. After reading, I like to lie in bed alone, and then put on a character exchange: "if I were XXX, then it should be."……

, don’t laugh at me. In fact, the desire for success is the expression of every normal person. But my desire is extraordinarily strong and full of fantasy.

remember I ran a website when I was in senior middle school. It’s a local forum called Gongshu forum. At that time, I have seen too much about personal webmaster famous story, for example webmaster network graph king laggards, fish, now back in time to do the site are thinking, is really ashamed.

remembers one night, whim, and decided to make a local forum. Unfortunately, there have been more than 11 o’clock in the evening, the school dormitory will be broken network (school is 11:30 off the network), but I am an impatient person, snapadoo! I online to find a space business, what did not communicate with her, just bought a their empty room, spent 300 ocean (the space quality is really bad, so that later problems, headache. Space bought, that is, buy domain names. Because I used to have a QQ friend is to do domain name business, so quickly got a domain name, CN, 1 dollars a, friends then confiscated my money. Give away my. After space and domain name are available, I will go to download the DISCUZ forum, splinters, after 10 minutes, a forum was set up. I went to a local forum on the Internet, where the plate was almost entirely copied from him. By the time the lights were out, the forum had begun to take shape.

that night I didn’t sleep all night, think too much, thinking about their own future, think of a lot of MM flew into my pocket, and a spectacular forum about thousands of people online, think about the future to engage in activities under the line when his imposing appearance, ha ha, see also smiled. That night was the most fulfilling night of my life, and now I think I’m so stupid and silly.

second days early in the morning, I remember very clearly 6:00, because the school restored power supply at 6. Usually, I won’t get up before 9. The forum is waiting for me, tens of thousands of people in Gongshu waiting for me, when I think of myself as an "stationmaster", then "webmaster" is a word in my eyes is a successful leader, is a celebrity, worth million people in praise of the expert! I know, (after a long time than all the webmaster no matter what is!), but now, I was very passionate, very dynamic. I will carefully to make each section of the rules, "

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