The four elements of website construction hurry up, hide hidden trouble and avoid risk

is now a lot of people do want to quickly make a fortune and then in a web business, look this way can greatly shorten the website profit process, but the long-term development of the site has a very bad effect, now on many sites on the Internet are little more than three years, many of them are a year two of the sites, sites that ten years is even so, it is at the corner, so many webmaster want to site operation, as soon as possible, but eventually became the first out of the group, so the construction site should no longer go quick road, should be replaced with planning, help through the website these details to avoid risks to operate in the future! Here I come to the analysis of four key elements of the website planning


1: analysis of their core strengths, select the direction of website construction

do what thing to have the goal, as the company has the same purpose, if there is no faction programme, guidelines to help themselves, then can let oneself in the website operation along the way more and more confused, only to eventually become confused brother! So planning is to focus on the analysis of their core strengths, identify the website construction if you don’t know anything about the direction of their own advantages, to rush to make a website, only to eventually make yourself tired tired, is very low to the probability of success, unless there is a super normal willpower you may succeed!

two: to understand the current trend, the flow tends to make their occupation of high

analysis of their own advantages, it is the friend, and the analysis of the current market trend, that is, after all, the market depth of the water, do you have a preliminary vigilance, competition ability how strong you are not confident enough to beat them, these all need through the analysis of the current the trend to know, and any industry will have a kind of invisible magic, pulling the industry trend, some people called the hand of God, in fact, this is the trend in the construction site, must be with the tide, can let oneself become a leading fashion, if you if the trend for the look when you start personal independence of conduct, however, has already lost


three: planning team, planning the task of team members


site construction and operation of their own time has passed, if you still want to through their own efforts to compete at the same time, it is against it, then you should grasp the trend, began to flow, attaches great importance to the construction team of the operation of the site planning, can the future of the site operation, no serious resistance, after all the website operation level of competition is not ten years ago than! If there is no close collaboration with the team, then how can always parallel, Trinidad will kill


this parallel has always been very important for team building. Only if the members of the group go in one direction, the strength will be concentrated to the point where they can be seen from the tug of war

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