Sina micro-blog launched membership joy and worries

because Sina, micro-blog’s influence continues to expand, in the Olympic Games is to show his talents, so the recent Sina CEO Cao Guowei said it will increase investment in micro-blog, launched a paid membership system. Membership will certainly enjoy some privileges, but this topic has aroused heated discussions among Internet users.

Sina micro-blog launched membership system, is Sina, micro-blog in order to profit, micro-blog commercialization logo. According to the relevant personage analysis, from the current situation of sina, micro-blog development, did not find an accurate profit model, has always been feeling the stones across the river. Most of the revenue comes from advertising, and the promotion and publicity of sina and micro-blog are hard to match. After a period of exploration, Sina, micro-blog in order to profit, launched membership. Have to say, Sina, micro-blog early promotion and publicity still played a very good role.

micro-blog marketing has been one of the more popular marketing means, after Sina, micro-blog launched membership system, the biggest beneficiaries should be engaged in micro-blog marketing bloggers. After the membership, the real name system, plus V certification, each member will be respected Sina micro-blog blogger, to a certain extent, reduce the waste of the trumpet, dead account, micro-blog marketing will greatly increase the chances of success.


, micro-blog from free to pay for ordinary users can accept it, Sina micro-blog’s active degree will not be affected, will not affect micro-blog’s communication effect, these are all worried about. After all, the average user of sina and micro-blog is one of the mainstream groups, with only a few paid members. For some users, micro-blog membership can also like QQ membership, enjoy the privileges, enjoy the unique pleasure brought by members, and those non members of the bloggers and what it would feel it, will not affect the network for this tour.


is micro-blog commercial is an indisputable fact, Sina micro-blog launched this membership will have a few happy tears. Of course, the ultimate goal of an enterprise is to make a profit, but the profit model of each enterprise is different. The development of enterprises will inevitably encounter a variety of problems, at this time it is necessary to test the operational ability of enterprises, not only won the user’s favorite, but also profitable, and is constantly growing and growing. This is the vast number of users want to see the results, but also a business most eager to do.

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