Some suggestions on the amount of web access

has been thinking about how to improve the traffic of the website recently, and also visited some similar websites with high visiting amount and collection. Also looked at their title What, although not very understanding of technology, but also know keyworlds and title on the importance of the site included. In fact, now we have a gradual stability, into an upward trend. We can not ask for it, by leaps and bounds, increase the number of thousands of pages included, all need a process. Here are some of my suggestions for China’s industrial intelligence network:

1 to change as little as possible or not described in the Titie, because the old modified title, search engine will think site is not stable or not completed, may lead to the search engine doesn’t love, form is included drop or fluctuated, it is likely to lead directly to the site is down right.

2, our website has done very well in terms of content or other aspects, but I found that our website’s jump rate is as high as 86.9%, that is to say, there are few repeat customers on our website. We at Baidu, spent so much money on GG, managed to make some key words to the front row, users have gone through difficult hardships arrived at our site does look at the left, browsing depth is not enough, the conversion rate is low for many.

3 in the past few days I saw a few of the traffic high site, also asked some people, we have a common view, is the people’s Web site content is good, this is not to say that our content compared with their contents, means more customers to enter their website to see what. To increase customer viscosity, there is a website, I think people do particularly well in the content of China industry research network. The data from their headlines today is different from ours. We can’t see them, and their data is a simple one. The content is very short. In order to ensure the length of the page, he added the following recommendations. And their reports, basically, there’s a long introduction in front of each report. Their introduction is very comprehensive, so that customers will be able to simply understand what to buy after the report. To attract customers to buy.

4 site layout, we just went in, is to see the latest reports, are some templates made of the report directory, although the key word is not the same, but it is easy to cause aesthetic fatigue. Perhaps the first time customers will see some surprises, but the second, the third will find, in fact, all the same. And they are to put some visible data in the most prominent place, every day is not the same, it will feel fresh. Put the charge report on the edge. Since we are China industrial competitive intelligence network, the majority of the people are against us "intelligence", so I suggest that is not in the prominent position is not to put some free information, or like a simple


5, I personally think that our marketing ideas are biased, I think we should first grab the people who visit our website, and then let them

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