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On page

on the market is loved by the public is basic: to the elements of a scene pretty fine people and cartoon image of the visual tension to do the main visual + effective foil theme the rendering background, combined with the activities of the theme, the details of operation elements, reach experience convenient and clear impact on the vision the page, like this:



this page often at first glance very attractive, but not too much in power before and I itself responsible for the project to red diamond revenues, often face the problem of the lack of material (by red diamond Properties Limited, QQ show images and scenes were relatively weak, the lack of games, like the brand that is full of special the original painting, Ma Dou image visual subject) and text in the page is often less burdensome; the image of the main blessing, but also carrying the text elements are relatively cumbersome, how to do the page to attract users, and can withstand the long time stay? And even with the main material, how to make the content clear and coherent presentation? The page less tacky, real infection to the user’s heart



"situational" visual presentation, so that on the one hand the page details of the process matters needing attention both complete and clear display, and again to catch the attention of the user, the user’s heart to infection, hit the user. Scene = emotion + scene. I have refined my approach: STEP1: refines the core purpose and core operations of current requirements; STEP2: provides a scene that can be perfectly hosted; STEP3: gives an appropriate atmosphere and inner emotion.

With the

is the first fully understand the background of the project, and to identify the needs of the audience; thus refining one can put these elements of clever fusion bearing series scene visual elements; finally, the appropriate color for the page into the expatiation of appropriate theme mood or warm, or even fresh and lovely is sad. Thus and emotion of the user, to the user’s emotional infection, unnoticed target completion, hit your users.


01, financial pay, online banking, opening, drilling, winning activities (2011.9),

(this is a requirement for a new job last year, somewhat rough, but also a situational design approach from here). This is a common lottery activity, as long as the user opens business here: get game permissions, in the form of a flop to draw prizes. Take a look at the earlier product to the relevant:


has only one feeling: plain boring. The final output of this route will be ignored by the user. And used to attract users of prizes (virtual badges or something)

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