Tell us what kind of website we should make

began to contact the site is in sophomore year, and then do relatively simple web site, only a few static pages, introduce yourself, I feel already great. Apply for a free space on the Internet, upload the page and hang the counter. A few months before the visit of several people. After the network rectification, free space server was stopped, the site’s information did not take back, the first site is the result of this.

second website is to a school site, the truth is not called the site, just take over someone else’s program changed, became the new site, the biggest problem is the fear of being black, because there is a problem is often dark, sad, is also in this period of time I learned a lot of knowledge. To move easily, to understand the entire station program, also learned the "three musketeers. PS et al. Everything is a little bit, nothing is fine.

the third station is a FLASH station, because there is no original things, half a year off.

fourth stations is a secondary school courseware network (, the beginning of the flow can also, and later did not take care of time, there will be empty there, made a garbage station.

fifth, sixth, seventh, basically every half a month to do a station. Later found that this is not good.

is the first of several stations do not know, because I’m married, I made a wedding website, called I love wedding (, the station did a very long time, flow rate of 1000-2000IP at the beginning. PV amounts to 6000-8000, and GG’s income is between $3-10 a day. Later did not know what revision, Baidu site included greatly reduced. Flow drop, and later included, but there is no idea to do wedding photos of the site.

to do a forum in Hefei * * * again, not to a month and had not done, not a long time to do, there is no energy to do, there is no idea, analyze yourself three minutes, what do not stick to it, there is no need to do.

now has a baby, but also made a web site, but the idea is different from before, and there is no registration of new domain names, that is, the old to do the domain name of Hefei baby. Why do the station, because it is not easy to cultivate children, there are many things to parents to share, but also to record my training baby drops. Short term goals can now be done for 3-5 years. I hope the life of Hefei baby website will last a little longer. Now Baidu has been included, search "Hefei baby" can appear on the first page of my web site.

summed up the failure to do the station experience, to do before the station, want to clear their purpose of doing the station, how long do I intend to do?. If you don’t know it, you probably won’t have anyone to visit your site.

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