Webmaster thinking difficult to break through, website operation can not afford

we often discuss how to operate the site and make money, many owners said that no money, and can not find the way, very depressed very painful, for a long time in the tangle is not the left of this line, it is time we stuck in this group of grassroots thinking of the money? I have my personal experience feeling to share two own summary.

1: too focused on what you are good at, without reason,

webmaster know a little more than what a good thing, but when seriously the operation of the site, this point will tend to a person’s thoughts aside, we together to explore a web site operators, the same, skilled webmaster about technology, understand the optimization about SEO, their own good at doing what we always take a little, but in fact, the point you see is only a small part of the money in the process from the establishment to a website only, often we will spend unnecessary time and energy at this point.

I’m a building site, in the beginning we have a group of owners talking about how to operate, talk is that far away, some say the need for revision procedures, do optimization, do the country and so on, a prototype of the site actually pulled not to the point because of these, I wasted a lot of the time and effort, and finally the long cycle of the profits, after the late do business is profitable, review the previous discussion that know the whole link only to do the most important business program, or the program layout changed, nor do the optimization, as the country is for the province unrealistic things.

took Ma to do an example, he can hardly understand the site related things, he only knew how to make such a platform to make money, he knows what is the most important thing, and other things from other people to solve. Maybe you will think what money? What? What things do not have to personally? Yes, personal webmaster to overall everything, but almost as long as you can optimize the program, almost on the line, but the money is the core part of what must be clear and to make great efforts. It’s like being a garbage station friend, making more money, trying to optimize the crazy collection, and the rest of you can do it.

is part of the station to do this thing as a business, especially the friend to do this link will be more, do not waste station so simple, need to consider the links and stage is expected to be more, it should be rational, not a waste of time and energy, we can’t afford to youth waste.

second: too lazy, lack of mobility and spirit of exploration,

itself in the website makes money in some tips and methods may be lacking, it is difficult to find, do not know how to start, can consult others there may be a harvest, but sometimes some love to share the webmaster friends will also share some tips and methods, but a lot of people just looked after, in addition to KuangDing.

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