Domain names have become valuable intangible assets for businesses and websites

in recent one or two years, many enterprises began to acquire or register domain names, many of them, such as China Mobile, Alibaba giants. Simple counted, Alibaba to buy for the Alipay platform, China Mobile enabled to redesign the mobile portal. Recently, the New Oriental Education Group also opened a new domain name Obviously, the domain name has become the intangible asset of enterprise brand.

has to admit that the Internet has become a very important channel. In this case, the website is not only a platform for carrying the enterprise brand, but also an important marketing platform and communication channel. To China Mobile, the original too complicated domain name, many users simply can not remember. And, both mobile customer service hotline, but also the domain name, popular good remember. After the domain name is enabled, the utilization rate of the China Mobile online business hall has been greatly improved. For China Mobile, the user to the online business hall for business, can greatly alleviate the pressure on the entity business hall, to know that the number of China Mobile users has been "billion" to calculate.

and Alipay opened a new domain name, one is to shape the brand Alipay, more is to facilitate the user login Alipay website, after all easier to remember than Before Alipay service object is only Taobao users. Now, Alipay’s business has been covered by the utilities pay credit card payments and other day-to-day operations, with the old name, is bound to increase the difficulty of Alipay users, resulting in the loss of customers.

Whether it is China Mobile

, or Alipay, the domain name for the purpose of it is to strengthen its own brand, the two is to fully tap the value of Internet marketing. Because of this, there will be several Internet domain name disputes. Stir up the industry’s "true and false happy nets", is a typical domain name disputes. Real happy net, always use domain name, and domain name is registered by thousand oak however, also made a happy net. For a time, happy net and thousand oak happy net, true and false differentiate, the brand image of happy net suffers serious setback.

this change the domain name of New Oriental Education Group, in fact, is also an enterprise brand protection intangible assets of an initiative. However, with the author’s understanding of New Oriental, the change of domain name, perhaps a New Oriental Strategy to turn around a signal.

author in 2002 in Beijing eight dimensional computer school work, and New Oriental only 100 meters apart. New Oriental was already famous, and it was the most famous English training institution in Beijing. Now, some want to go abroad for TOEFL, almost all go to New Oriental to participate in training. In the Internet age, listed New Oriental scale is growing, but its Web site is unknown. If not through the Google search, I do not even know that the New Oriental Education Group domain name is neworiental.or>

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