nternal diagnostics about the operation of a forum

forums have advantages:

: a commercial basis, as a commercial website, although there is no profit, but compared to the individual forum, have great advantages. Such as management personnel stability, the stability of space activities, some advantages. In my opinion, have professional staff to manage the forum and website, the.

effect with half the effort times

two: gathering power. BBS has its own network of famous people, and has its influence into traffic resources can use. This advantage is not every forum has.

three: This is the same as the second point, that is, there is a certain network of people. This is an effective guarantee for the formation of forums. An active forum core is very powerful for the development of websites,.

four: current affairs, stars, sex, online attractions, forums three, second. Forums have space for sustainable development.

forum now exists:

one: too many pages, complicated and unscientific, too detailed and lack of choice. Directly lead to the forum layout deserted, causing popularity dispersed,.

two: no main layout, or the main section is not prominent,.

three: rich in resources, but not used. The four advantage mentioned above basically does not make good use of.

four: positioning unclear, unable to retain the eyes of Internet users,.

five: management team is too amateur, no promotion experience, free from enthusiasm and not use.

six: lack of guidance, posting too little, fresh action is too small, so that the identity of the forum, belonging to the lack of.

seven: behind closed doors, to the competitors, or the same type of insufficient understanding of the.


eight, the space is unstable. This is a bit of a death,.

related measures:

1: integrated layout.

1 zone and two zone layout merge, and cut, I personally recommend outstanding experts and parenting class layout,

Note: the specific

should guarantee the answer quickly, altar built early, you can post a question and solve, or fake user posting, the formation of false prosperity, and thus led to the layout communication atmosphere. (careers can be noble, but it is not necessarily noble)

2: will version third from the big edition area into small edition, use it to collect popularity.

specific attention: a unique forum celebrity is not to make use of advantages, it is a pity and regard him as a slave is a spirit put fine timber to petty use, the characters in the forum, than an administrator in the forum can attract more people.

3 is responsible for holding some activities. The forum can hold some activities. It costs little and can do good results. But someone should be responsible for planning, popularizing and publicizing.

specific attention >

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