Webmaster site planning is very important

The success or failure of the

website has a very important relationship with the site planning before the site. Before the establishment of the station, the purpose of the station should be clearly defined, and the functions, scale and input costs of the website will be determined, and the necessary market analysis will be carried out. Only detailed planning, in order to avoid a lot of problems in the construction of the site, so that the construction of the site can be carried out smoothly. Otherwise, if not defeated, also must be thwarted. Illustrated by my own experience.

before Baidu’s upcoming HI, network is everywhere in Baidu HI, Baidu HI was unusually hot, many owners began registering the relevant domain, and of course many of them are even. I also registered a www.baifans.com meaning: "Baidu fans", named as "100 powder nets". Ready to be a Baidu related product site. And then two months, but found that the effect is not ideal, very few people concerned, and their own Baidu HI has not landed, and began to doubt whether the subject of their own problems, basically decided to give up.


, I stumbled across CC, and I enjoyed watching TVB’s TV show itself. CC was just right, so I decided to change the article to a video station and start doing TVB TV videos. After changing CMS, change website theme, the influence of search engine can be imagined, fortunately, Baidu did not directly K me. But do I soon found that the film should be professional, CC is not suitable for me, searched all the network resources, and finally found a suitable video system, so determined, and again in the CMS, there is now a hundred powder TV network.

a few months time, two times for three CMS, although the theme is to find the ultimate direction of your site, but also to be punished, Baidu adjusted many times recently, slowly increase included, GG is completely threw me into the sandbox. The only relief was that they were still alive and not lost by K.

from my example can be seen on the site to make only superficial changes – how much to pay the price, so webmaster in site should be the theme content and development direction as far as possible the planned site, some planning points listed below:

1. Market analysis before establishment

1, the relevant industry market is what, the market has what kind of features, whether it can carry out the company’s business on the Internet?.

2, analysis of the main competitors in the market, competitors online and their website planning, function.

3, analysis of its own conditions, market advantages, you can use the website to enhance what competitiveness, the ability to build the site (cost, technology, manpower, etc.).

two, site purpose and functional positioning

1, why build a website?

2, according to the function of the website, determine the purpose of the website should achieve.

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