Read good faith from 58 exchange links

does the website to be like personhood, we all take each website as own child, careful care, each moment relations her. If one day is attacked by some people, we can still handle it patiently, and we will be indignant if we are dropped by the irrational search engine K.


web site as a person, every one of our website is not independent, we are required to cooperate with other websites to communicate, exchange, a building, create a harmonious network environment, a healthy profit channel. We are more than happy to exchange technology, irrigation promotion, link exchange cooperation.

here, I need to deal with the trustworthiness of the exchange connection. Whether it is new or old web site, whether it is your new or old webmaster webmaster, we have had to exchange links, exchange links to have two kinds, one is the mutual communication between the second is convenient, mutual support and drive the weight, improve together. It can be said that the first pure exchange links have been gradually withdraw from the stage of Internet, friends website can only exist in the communication between the second exchange connection is common, we will see the webmaster forum exchange connection, buy connection posts are many, the business is hot. Whether it is a small website, or the website wants to obtain the weight through the exchange of more links, the purpose is not to exchange money, here is the name of 58 city, first mentioned the name of 58 feel shy, if you mean, please don’t suit me, I’m a little, can not afford to fight. We often encounter 58 stationmaster salesman contact us to exchange links, in fact I have been contacted, we call connection to connect his local station, then give me the condition for me is connected to several other corners of a directory. I didn’t exchange. You have no money, is not you tube station, sincerely for at least the home station.

these days, I also see the search engine is filled with about 58 exchange connection unkindest example, here I will not put out, you need to look at the can search, this should be true really want to exchange links please join me the new group: 63996647. My personal blog: wants to study together.

I would like a blog owner to exchange blog links with me. My request is very simple, as long as Baidu, Google included. Your blog is often updated in its original form. It’s that simple.

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