The difference between pro test independent P and shared P


has been in the online said IP has the advantage of independent richly endowed by nature in the establishment of the time, this advantage can be said to be very obvious, but long always thought is hearsay, but not verified. Therefore, a month ago, in order to verify the authenticity of this legend, my younger brother, I deliberately made a test, and the test results naturally can be said to be very obvious.

, please look at the first two pictures:

please see above a few pictures, these pictures is a shared IP site of Baidu I founded in three months ago included, three full months included although constantly upgrading, but to enhance the speed is too slow, so far, three months included a total of 57 a page, have to say this is too little.

then please look at this picture, this is me in the establishment of the 24 or so last month’s website, is the use of IP to establish the independent website, just for one day my site has been Baidu included, and included the daily increase in the number is quite stable, except that in September 10th one day included decreased, the other time is on the increase.

believes that through the above comparison, any friend should be able to clearly see the difference between IP and IP shared it, then you webmaster friends to build your own web site, I would recommend the use of independent IP site. Of course, there is also need to draw your attention to the webmaster thing is: we speak only independent IP IP is relatively more conducive than sharing website or search engine optimization, but not to say that by sharing IP built a good website, this is just the cost of the same said in the effort to optimize the site under the condition of independent IP may receive better results.

finally, here also need to share the point is that the location of the computer room, for the optimization of the site in terms of personal feel is also very important. Because at this point I have been personally test at home a total of six computer nodes: after Beijing, Shanghai, found in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi six places of the room are used and their respective data comparison, set up these places on the above site included in the Beijing > Shanghai > Guangdong > Zhejiang > Jiangsu > Jiangxi.

as the test site is not much, a total of fifteen test sites, so that the data conclusion may not be very accurate, but I believe I can give you some reference value for the future you webmaster when choosing a room can help. At the same time, here to recommend another article I wrote, the article’s name is "Guardian bottom line, teach you how to defend their original"

(Nanchang, SEO-, Xiong Wei, September 2013, 13>

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