What is the reason for Google’s huge profits

money easily becomes a target. Just like the recent bustle of the real estate industry: the report of the Academy of Social Sciences and the debate among real estate businessmen. I suddenly want to stand in the real estate trader’s point of view: the report of the Academy of social sciences is too arbitrary.

in the same way, the Internet and knowledge economy also have huge profits, such as Google. So there are paper media people accused Google theft, and experts have established a mathematical formula to explain the "stealing" logic.

sees the article: recall the mathematical formula that destroys Google and the mathematical formula for uncovering the secrets of Google’s huge profits. But I was born in mathematics, so I really want to talk about it. The mathematical formula listed in the article is very good, very appreciate.

but I do doubt the understanding of the formula in the article,

temporarily cast aside the subject. Let us think about what is accomplished in the current knowledge-based economy, and knowledge has always existed. From ancient times to modern times, it is only now that the knowledge economy has developed its value. This is because IT, technology, the Internet and other knowledge of excavation and discovery, and to allow knowledge to share and spread, and therefore has value. The value of knowledge lies in sharing. The value of the Internet is how to share it.

is precisely Google, Baidu, and portals that help maximize knowledge sharing and value. Knowledge is always in the mind and placed in the bookcase…… Google and Baidu just provide a door, which provides convenience for people to find and make use of knowledge. Knowledge is useless if it is not taken advantage of. Therefore, the value of knowledge must be determined by the total amount of knowledge and the number of people who use it.

, that is to say:

Google’s value: = Google’s total knowledge, the average value of X knowledge, X knowledge used by people + additional added value – operating costs.

this formula above two paper is similar: VG=VP × N-C+va (Vg Google VP, said the total value and the average value of each page said, N said the total, page Google has said C Google in order to acquire and maintain the total page cost, Va said the Google brand value and other derivative the value of the site added value. Where the sum of C =c1+c2+c3, C1 represents the human resources and daily office costs of Google, C2 represents the cost of developing web technology, and C3 means the storage cost of equipment that has been crawled.)

, in which the total amount of Google knowledge is equivalent to Google owned page N, the average value of knowledge is equivalent to the average value of the page VP. The operating cost is equivalent to C. Additional added value is equivalent to VA.

but the difference between the two is that the former has more than one "knowledge is used", and in the author’s view, it is like "point"

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