Some ideas about community operations

has recently done a few communities, and basically each is on the right track. It seems promising, but not so clear, so here I want to say what I think of the community. First of all, we have a misunderstanding about the community, one problem is why other people come, and the second question is what others do.

why do people come here? My experience tells me that, first, the visual sense of this community is very good and that members will come in because of visual attraction. The two is that the site is very warm and consistent with his style, and the members will be integrated into the atmosphere because of the good atmosphere of a website. The three is interesting, here we say that the content is necessary, but it is not important and, if a community atmosphere is very good, natural content interesting, but a community of interesting content is not able to draw a good atmosphere. So the content of the web site is an indicator of the atmosphere, but not the content.

does community and other differences. Other websites may learn something from members and recognize something, but the core of the community is the exchange of members. Only communication community user stickiness will be high, this is certain. If the community puts content first, sooner or later, members will get tired of it. Because the content is dead, and the talent is living and creative things. Others come to the community for communication, not for learning, and if it is for study, members will not register in the community. Even for the purpose of learning, members come to the community in order to find teachers or students. We must admit that learning communities are a breeding ground for teacher abuse and student addiction. Of course, this is a very positive aspect, and I have to admit that learning communities are the most valuable one. It is important to note that with the increase of members and the idea of membership, the community will be upgraded. You can not stay in the old community for a long time. They want to taste is not always the same thing, they want to try new things, to know the taste of membership is very select, change is very fast, and satisfy their taste is not you, but the new members, new members of the community to meet because of curiosity. The school is like this, happy net is such, sell dead, be dead so, not die not also can be like this. A community can not always meet the needs of members of the community, the webmaster to do is to tap the needs of members, when members do not know what they need, the satisfaction of different levels of production. It’s a philosophy of coffee bars, you can’t give customers all they want, but you can create an atmosphere where customers know what they want, and they’ve been cared for

The value of the

community lies in the separation of people, similar to the Focus Media. After the breakdown of the population, advertising and other delivery efficiency increases, advertising user experience will rise, because members will think that this ad is designed for them. Two is similar to the learning community, a lot of ideas and spirit will be reflected with the essence of the community, to promote. These spirits and ideas work far better than advertising, and we can say ">"

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