Do three years of wind and rain, our common experience

in 2010, has been in the past month, time is really fast, Qiazhiyisuan, Zhang Ning also passed its three years is gradually to grow, and this growth, cannot do without you, the netizens and the webmaster of Zhang Ning network support


as the saying goes, "everything is difficult at the beginning.". Yes, one day in May 2008, Zhang Ning network (then called Zhang Ning personal network) static version of the page was quietly established, then with the primary and junior high school learning site site building technology began the construction process. I didn’t know anything at that time…… What ASP, PHP, ASP.NET, even the most basic HTML is not clear, do not know how to upload (i.e. FTP upload), do not know the importance of the domain name, yes, I was in some aspects of the technology that is very detailed, but the site is still a novice a green hand.

so, I began to study hard, what questions to ask Baidu, I from the start with the Baidu know, always have a question asked it, until now also help others to answer the question, now in retrospect it is slowly developed.

July 1, 2008, Zhang Ning personal network static layout line, through two months of basic learning, and finally know a lot of site knowledge (at that time still don’t know HTML). But the long three level domain name let me see very awful (E Xin), hey, when can I remember the convenient web site like (later I know it is domain name).

and after a month of hard work and learning in the online search, online search to the webmaster community ( Chia Ying has a year off, the last few webmaster to revive back Yoshihide, Jiaying!), where he met many webmaster and network administrator, Yoshihide juice comrades, here is. I began to dream of a place.

July 20, 2008, never forget the day in my impression, Zhang Ning personal network was officially launched, the site is due to a CN domain name registration and element free registration wave (although some time later. ), registered a (now the domain name has been registered by the domain name to the old ox. ), the first time have their own domain name, web site and landscaping and site procedures have a big leap, then I feel indescribably happy!

so, Zhang Ning personal network before and after the three or four revision, and by multiple influence, several times stop nets, break nets, but has been developed to the present. I think that Chia Ying network is sb. (=somebody) when Zhengkua, many owners are disappointed, the incident of primitive people fail, there are a lot of owners to give up, but I still keep trying.

November 5, 2008, my birthday, Zhang Ning personal network simplified version, a new look; January 2009, Zhang Ning >

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