Social era is still King flow, can not bring traffic to three parties must die

two examples

1, last year, 3 and April, Twitter released its own platform plan, @Anywhere, an ambitious plan, where the @ symbols in any web page can dock with Twitter. A year later, @Anywhere died down, and promotion difficult, Retweet and Connect which is like a raging fire button.

2 and Google developed OpenID a long time ago. OpenID’s vision is also ambitious, and on an open, shared platform, the site uses a ID. Unexpectedly, within a short period of time, OpenID was fully replaced by later Facebook and Twitter’s Connect.

these two examples have failed, they are all about the same problem: those who want to do the platform, but can not bring traffic to three parties, the product will die:

@Anywhere can display the Twitter name card, OpenID users can easily, but the owners have meaning? Facebook Connect but really can help the webmaster friends pull user flow.

challenging search engines?

When it comes to traffic,

says the Internet traffic is the search engine. Search engine is a traffic distribution system, large and small websites rely on the flow of search engines. If social media really challenges search engines, traffic is an important indicator. Some survey ("social media for retail website bring 3% flow") show that the current stage of social media has not reached the expected height in the flow of import, on the other hand, social media is still a great potential.

in terms of real traffic, there is a big gap between social media and search engines. Some of the largest domestic SNS QZone data show that, QZone daily export traffic highest site is cool 6, PV at around 80 thousand, and Baidu only "Cool 6 nets" a keyword to import more than 250 thousand of the PV.

does that mean that social media doesn’t want to beat search engines? Where should social media take advantage of themselves and export huge traffic?

go where the search engines can do nothing,

human life is spent half of the time looking for something, and looking for something has always been a rigid demand. Social media is a kind of search, and rely on keyword search engines, social media is more suitable for those who can not use the keyword, dynamic organization of information — friends joke, classic, popular video.

it’s delicious, funny, funny, and fire. A good word, but can beat the search engine, how can be delicious, how can be good?

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