To the Webmaster want to succeed, man must have vision

the need for men, talent, courage, perseverance, opportunity, and such platitudes have not been discussed. The network game achievement Chen Tianqiao, but if Chen Tianqiao hadn’t hooked on the game, he can also find other business ideas, because the key is not his fancy stuff, but he has a unique vision of penetrating.


has a unique vision, Chen chose the state-owned enterprises. As of 1997, the Department of economics at the Fudan University. He was hot, and no other good students, foreign companies into the envy of everyone. Although no one knows his true thoughts at the time, but he later in the Lujiazui group of the way up, but the fact that the talent concentrated place, also inevitable waste of talent much, the same, the same gift, you in desperate state than in foreign talent together have more opportunities. Chen Tianqiao is a mature and stable is not consistent with the age of the body, in addition to an old head on young shoulders nature, presumably occupies an important position in the large state-owned enterprises has also taught him a lot of people work for proper restraint.


has a unique vision, Chen chose the network game. From 1999, after the state-owned enterprises jumped into the securities company, Mr. chen. During that time, he came into contact with the Internet and decided to link his hobby to the Internet and create a community gaming site. The popularity of Web site users was more than that of all onlookers, but Chen Tianqiao was not overjoyed. For him, the success of this site behoove because of his grasp, so much that he later told reporters, the beginning that he could never fail, because they know the game, game player know about the investment market, also successfully obtained $3 million investment after Chen Tianqiao know this on homeopathy success cannot again: at this point, the IT bubble burst, most Internet sites no longer. He decided to change the company’s profits, not by a single web site to make money, no longer rely on simple casual games to make money, but all over the country through the Internet, agent and popular "Korean multiplayer role-playing game to make money — he got to South Korea Actoz company" legend "agency, and joint China Telecom (Forum) and tens of thousands of Internet cafes to sell game player. As a result, the legend started Chen Tianqiao’s own wealth story.


has a unique vision, found Chen jialu. There is a saying in the western society, "if you want to know a man, you must look at the woman in his arms which is the simple truth."". Indeed, the man can be through a variety of ways to demonstrate your knowledge, style and status, but he chose what kind of woman is a prick all the camouflage. Imagine, if the clock back to 1999, if you decided to resign from the lucrative securities company, all to join in at that time, throw the helve after the hatchet, little known and despicable in network game, your wife will hit it off with you, Showtime >

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