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just started the 033 time later the union suspended the feeling is good, also can be the beginning of 733, but later the horse hung I have a headache, really can not stand finally permanently removed, but 0.06 yuan a price can click on the temptation I would not do, but also good after not in doing.

at that time the threshold is higher, the application for a lot of adoption, unit price if you do Chinese and GG difference will not be too much, English and GG can’t compare withholding tax, the interface and GG as refreshing. Without copyright restrictions, movies and music can be done.

trouble because I no local bank card, payment amount display is not clear, compared to sh419 and GG there is still a gap, but also to the price, the match is not too high, the position can be put in a little presumptuous, tax deduction.

and the network are mixed, compared to the previous price, now really decline, but as long as the appropriate station to the right place, or a good League, I have been doing

: I do Wangzhuan alliance also some years, any of the domestic league above I have tried not trouble is that advertising is not good, I just said I did some of the alliance.


first video

previously because of abnormal data being blocked, the money is not too much, and I also did not say what the truth, my conscience timely turned well, but then the Ali Mama was also because the account data before the exception, not showing me all the ads, anyway, I basically the GG and sh419 give up, listening to friends that now quite rubbish, feel very cumbersome, the main reason is: to dragons and fishes jumbled together, I’m lazy.

Sogou alliance


shlf1314 Adsense alliance

sh419 alliance

Ali alliance

left a lot of union of all sorts of reasons above is not to say, anyway, try to find a suitable alliance is the most important, don’t listen to what others say, do it yourself, if I do a dumpster friends by mobile phone alliance registration and domain name calling can induce a monthly income of tens of thousands.

733 and 033

is the webmaster to do the best to stay away from the alliance, garbage station, conscience to do things, do a bit of practical flow optimization, can get what you need, not ambitious, made tens of thousands of monthly income is not a problem, the first stable, at present it seems not as good as before the application. do not pay taxes, but copyright issues, music and movies if there is no copyright certificate or not as good as Chinese or English to do what, do their best to do the best I know, friends do English a month income 20 thousand yuan, but I do not lazy, English.

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