Analysis of the pros and cons of several commonly used advertising alliancesHow can the local talent

3. Asia friendship alliance

, did you hold on until the end,

good idea is to have a good sales team, the only way to sell ideas to achieve the realization of the internet. Take me for example. I’m in SEO, and the website is mine, but I’m not good at sales, so I found two partners

pulled so much and pulled the conversation away. Introduce myself first, I was in Zhumadian talent network address: technician, our website in 2010 March began to set up by the end of 2010 August, just over 5 months, the talent pool of more than 3500 people, the recruitment of enterprises reached more than 1500, the VIP of about 100 companies, sales revenue of 30 thousand yuan about. In this article I wrote on our website, and write such detailed data is not propaganda, I just want to give what the upcoming talent network business friends to share what experience, please do not use this article as a soft look, I write and not write our website ranking or whether income is you can not believe, you can check. In view of the operation of local talent networks, I have the following views for your reference:

follow the trend does not mean to be fooled, but blindly follow the trend, will certainly fail. Some dishonest webmaster, deliberately exaggerating the profit data in order to win the eye, which is not supposed to remember the day before yesterday, saw his talent network for one month to write the webmaster to earn five thousand yuan of local industry old station, opened the site to see the results, the talent network every day the number of job seekers is less than 10, which companies are willing to spend money to come here to recruit people.

, this is the old line

currently has several major advertising alliances:

sh419 advertising alliance is a bit of advertising, size, specifications, rich, it belongs to "from head to toe" type of advertising. That’s the title, the text, the address, the title, the text, the address. You can put the ad on it. sh419 is better than shlf1314. But compared to other sh419 union price is still good, most of these words are 1-2 angle between the station in general can not join! Look down on small IP, the sh419 IP is not IP but think station line! Lack of sh419 alliance is to display advertising and site content matching degree is not very good, this is not shlf1314 Adsense to do good.

two, do you have a good sales team,

sh419 is now the head of the domestic search industry, naturally cattle. sh419’s advertising alliance is really similar to shlf1314’s.. But its audit requirements are strict, the threshold is relatively high. General small station is certainly can not apply. But now, sh419 has lowered this standard, I do not know whether it is a blessing or a curse.


1. shlf1314 shlf1314 Adsense

2. sh419 alliance


last week, saw a lot of articles about how to make money in the famous talent network website information platform Admin5, so many webmaster resemblewith the wind start a talent network, a few months is not found, as the article says it is amazing, even some webmaster even space domain costs are not earn back dashuipiao the. A5 is a big platform, many webmaster in the above hair soft Wen, I hope everyone in reading soft Wen seriously, don’t be misled. For example, some people say their feeble to earn five thousand yuan a month, is an application for a blog to upload their own video from a video website, when visitors click on our upload video we can get money, so many owners like to follow the trend of which video website registered, this is obviously to find businesses write soft support to do that, really fooled.

also, advertising a single click on the price of Adsense is relatively high, the website quality, $0.01 to $0.5, to see what the advertising keywords! see also said GG Click to stay and give advertisers benefits, as for why many sites are the size of love to join GG, the main reason 1. Is a relatively low threshold, can the general station station stop 2., the price is good, for GG, IP is IP, as long as you stand qualified, even if only 1 clicks that is IP, it is money that is benefit! The disadvantage of Adesense is that the size of your advertising display a single, sometimes difficult to put it in a suitable position. However, for the general site, the choice of Adsense advertising alliance is still more appropriate.

shlf1314 Adsense high, no doubt, is a mature advertising alliance. First of all, its advertising matching technology is very good, in general, when you put Adesense in the site, the display of advertising and content relevance is very good, of course, there are special circumstances.

a lot of people do, the purpose is to write a blog Wangzhuan, since it is to make money, you have to say domestic advertising, compared to most personal websites and blogs are relying on advertising alliance to make money. At present, there are a lot of domestic advertising associations, but the good and bad are intermingled. How to choose a good alliance has become a problem for both the webmaster and the bloggers. In this paper, I do a little bit of experience standing together to discuss with you, the purpose is to give the novice a reference.

Ma Yun said: "today is very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is very beautiful, but most people died in tomorrow night, can not see the sun the day after tomorrow!", I’m not lost, but I was the cause of this sentence, this sentence is also very suitable for all our webmaster. Talent network, your station adhere to the "development" as the first element, thick and thin hair, can succeed. If you see the present unhappy, you give up something promising, which is doomed to fail.

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