From the website was closed to keyword ranking second rookie in only 15 days

then, non-stop, for use by the way down, the inside of the security alliance.

accurately speaking, I am not a webmaster, only the head of the company, only to understand the simple HTML, CSS do not know for what, I do not know how to use FTP. But is this, I put my collection of zero website saved in 15 days, and only 15 days. So pleased to tell you that the site was blocked, be right down, is completely a chance to breathe new life!

!The first step of

but I do not understand what ah!!! No way, first find the site before help me take a look at the master. The master said, our website is used. Do, no patch, being exploited by hanging a horse. Please help me back again, to plug the loopholes. To see the original server, spend thousands of dollars to buy the new VPS network, not use, or hanging in the virtual space, you said I was more confused ah! No way, only to clean up the old mountains and rivers, to rectify. Love Shanghai weight =0 noble baby PR=0 watch how I Quxianjiuguo, 15 days to turn over

2013 October, suddenly found the bad information’s snapshot inside and the company has nothing to do, I do not care too much, thought anyway, promotion also is not affected, one did not know, he didn’t go to him. Until 2013 December, suddenly found that no matter how to search, love Shanghai has not find their own company! What’s more, before the filing of the domain name, because there is no renewals, being registered, others with my company’s record of the domain name, the stately fake my company, and then look carefully the contents inside, there is bad information. This I was determined to save the site.


my company is a translation company in Shenzhen, has been popularized in Shanghai before sex, also done in Zhejiang, Shanghai dragon, Guangzhou, a local expert please. The best record of "Shenzhen translation company" of the word, have been to the first page, but every time the love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, give me a heavy blow, not be right down, is ranked by. So Shanghai, for me, is not a happy thing, until this time try to try.

but I do not despair, because it is the worst. These three days, every day in Shanghai Longfeng cramming knowledge, and then think about how. I finally understand that now love Shanghai and Tencent jointly launched a security alliance, sixth feel this thing is certainly useful, go to the security alliance real name authentication, upload a business license and other information, the real name authentication, get the following.


, please master data recovery, the use of space has been empty VPS. Data recovery after the site is still not included, and included the amount reduced to 3! Please see below, if you, you will despair?

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