Keywords love station network tool number ranking query problem

station have a website, the same function called bole, his data is more than 9000, of course because they don’t have complete data display, so we do not know whether he is water, but I believe that because the horses stood out, because love stand the pressure of competition, there may be water, because love stand before displaying the pages, and the horses shows 50 pages, so love station now also shows 50 pages, competition is good, but if because of the competition of others, this is not too good, you may be more than the loss of the user, will be the credibility. Reputation is money can not buy.

this is love station screenshot, I flip to 15 after all is blank, no data, even if all the data, it is 1000 only, we do not see the complete.

This is love and

everyone when the web site keywords ranking query will use the webmaster tools, such as love station network query tool, horses etc.. When I learned last year wrote a web programming tool for ranking Shanghai Longfeng, data collection on the Internet ranking good site, the large amount of data, each time to collect dozens of Chengdu g data, but the Shanghai dragon query optimization is very useful, then Nanjing Shanghai found on the Internet there is a dragon the station is called love station also provide the query service, see than their less data, but than I query quickly, his index should be established or other form of query is improved, because he does not display all data, because of my own show all the data, so the query speed is not as good as love station, this is the beginning of this year. So I have been standing with love.

to prove that I am not nonsense, I let my data up to everyone, small amount of data, 4589 ranking data, but I can list all their data. This paper, from the 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon 1912贵族宝贝/guanjianci/83.html, reproduced please specify.

recently feel love station more and more data is not reliable, it is false, look at this map, on the left is the ranking data, a total of 71 thousand love stand, my right I used the red circle is my own database, I can accept that he did better than me, more than I a few hundred – thousand data, but actually I only a fraction of his I was difficult to accept, can not believe this is true.

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