8.22 love Shanghai algorithm after the upgrade of the chaos phenomenon

K website is innocent after recoveryThis is my

three: chaotic algorithm is really effective yet, why not fight the fight

snapshot through



: illegal websites are still strong



August 22nd love Shanghai update algorithm, 8.24 new algorithms to awesome, a large number of Web site is down right, there are also many web sites are K, which have a lot of personal blog of Shanghai dragon. The 8.25 day I deleted 2 by K Links, are individuals of Shanghai dragon blog. Love Shanghai new update algorithm in the end what? Is not really as public say, not to say, look at some of these two days of chaos phenomenon:

Figure 1: Figure three

chaos phenomenon: the snapshot is not synchronized across the majority of

! The new

algorithm clearly to demonstrate against spam sites, illegal sites and illegal, and now you can easily search, there are still a lot of low quality content website ranking is very good, this I have many examples. I just search for "real gaming" has also appeared a lot of sex in Shanghai auction site, really make people very depressed. We have to ask: "love Shanghai algorithm in the end how much real effect? Whether in the fight against low quality content sites?", where the real purpose must only love Shanghai.

Figure two:

site is rather baffling by K after

before a Links personal blog site, you can see from the historical data collected in August 22nd to 0, apparently by K, but today is August 26th again. As the new friends above I like to believe the weekend love Shanghai also updated, the love of Shanghai is no longer as before, every Thursday, Friday after the website was updated, K has been restored, suspected Shanghai after K gave false love vindicated in short, the new algorithm is still very unstable.


chaos phenomenon two: back

recently website snapshot of stagnation has become a widespread problem, we do not have to be too tangled snapshot why stagnation, even through the. As long as he is a regular do stand, to do Shanghai dragon ok. As shown above, this is a friend asked me why the new station is K? He the station domain name is an old domain name, on Friday included, after all is not included. I thought it was K, but today again included, but site data clearly wrong, the home page included or April 19th, or before the old station data. But the inside pages is really new content, may be the love of Shanghai did not react, love Shanghai new algorithm gave me the feeling that the reaction seems more slowly than the original, like a turtle speed as

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