The website to win at the starting line the good website


said the good website, a lot of buddy to Tucao kitten, hey, who doesn’t know, update the good article good user experience! Then the cat would say you know only one second. A good website not only to do original articles and user experience, there are other factors inside. Buddy is not convinced? Well, to give you the cat slowly road.

The primary premise is to set up the

site to site selection and layout of good keywords considered before the line, once the website will not frequent changes to the site of these things, the website keyword is to express the theme of the site as a whole, these words to the right show website theme and keynote. Keywords home is best to use a single theme, or with a long tail keywords to other soft words, too much optimization keywords on the front page of the site is not recommended, it is easy to lead to the theme of the site is not centralized, it is difficult to obtain a good rankings and weight in a short period of time. Although the stack keywords can let site has good rankings, but this is the black approach, within a short time the ranking is good, but it is easy to Baidu to drop right, even in the dark room. To optimize the keyword in the main keywords derived we can be placed at the site of the column page and channel page, so that you can make the whole site architecture and reasonable weight, the Baidu is still very love this site, get good rankings and weight is very fast.

website after the need is not how much the chain how many rankings, but can solve user problems of high quality articles, an important standard for Baidu it also inspects a website comprehensive score. Site score >

Tomb-sweeping Day returned from holiday, buddies also happy playing? Hey, I feel quite happy at least the cat got enough rest, see a lot of beautiful scenery, there are all kinds of flowers, like the little Wei classmate said, live spring without flowers. Well, the cat to start today’s share, your buddy ready? The cat daily vernacular, go

To determine the structure of


, a good space and domain name

three, high quality contentThe new

two, and keywordsThe new

website a good space and domain name is the premise of a stable space and one with what we do relevant domain name will give our website to lay a solid foundation, just like a building, lay the foundation to cover the building better. We have to choose the space security when choosing a domain name space and domain name, try to choose our website that contains primary keywords, the best is the abbreviation for brands like. Remember to website domain name easy to remember not too long. There are space settings, including traffic restrictions, setting IIS restrictions and related parameters, space access speed, so we need to pay attention to, if open speed too slow will reduce the user experience, resulting in the loss of users.

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