The lawyer said the website optimization development path

The chain of

has been "the chain for emperor" era, the chain site role >

a website mainly determines the quality of this website, the content of the original, is very important for search engines. Because of the big data era, the Internet is filled with a lot of topics, most of the information is of no value to the information users. Therefore, lawyers and friends from the perspective of the user experience, write some more with the value of the original content. A good content to users of your point of view and the ability to see more recognition, improve personal ranking visibility, it is possible to improve performance.


H label, usually H label represents the content of the title, a H1 tag page can appear only once, there will be more on the effect of spider fragments, as well as the influence of the content of keywords ranking, finally lead to worse, no effect.

three, high quality content

For example,

six, the user valueNow

such as "Shanghai law" of the word, the search volume is large, the ranking well can bring a lot of cases, but the difficulty is very big, but also have geographical restrictions, different areas of contact is very troublesome. How to choose keywords, first look at their own expertise, the second is to look at the area, then is at your service. The combination of the three, and you will be like, keywords, as long as the user to the target user is.

When we browse the

five, keywords layout

four, positioning

site architecture is good, can be included directly impact problem. The website structure for spiders, it is important to avoid the link structure, frame structure. If you do not understand what is the framework structure, then congratulations to you, you will not fall into the trap of spiders. The site should be reasonable structure is a tree structure, the anchor text link to understand, you can refer to part of lawyer pinpaijianzhan.

now is the age of the Internet, the network has changed our life has become an indispensable part of our life. According to the Ministry of statistics, in January this year, the number of domestic mobile Internet users has exceeded 800 million mark, but many lawyers spend money to make websites, and not to bring the number of cases, where the reason in? Because you create a website model, and did not give it life, give you the following small explain how to optimize the lawyer website.

two, an important page code

ranking on the front page, found the keyword density high 20% low, only 1%, many people looked confused, in the end how to layout. In fact, when we write articles, the content inside the natural appearance of 2, 3 words on the line, the density control can be in 2%-6%. But generally speaking, the first paragraph of the text keywords will be better.

, a website architecture

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